Sunday, October 7, 2012

the first chicken

heyyyy gs

wow noah is so annoying always

like always at dinner he says the dumbest things that make me feel really embarrassed for him. like idk on friday he spent pretty much the entire dinner giving a detailed account of the pep rally he went to. i could just about push him off a mountain

bleh i hate this week that just started. well today wasnt bad but i hate all the other days espec. monday and tuesday and thursday. and that is glug because usually tuesday is a day i dont hate. and i hate wednesday because i hate every wednesday. bleh it's also glug when wednesday is my least hated day of a week. actually friday should be a fine ol day

wow yesterday i finished a show and now i want to die. also im almost done with that darn avatar show and it's pretty good but i wish to be done already. next i might watch a show thats not a cartoon. that'll be strange

ok thats our stuff

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