Thursday, October 4, 2012

the cat

Hey gs.

Sorry this post is late but whatevs really.

Okay so I watched Supernatural when it was on because my friend has a tv and he wanted to watch it too so I guess that was nice because now I don't have to like stream it somewhere or something.

Though to be honest I was not really caring about it while I was watching.

Idk what was even happening.

Why was Dean being such a meanie to Sam?

Why did there need to be so many pointless flashbacks?

Why can't Sam and Dean just love each other?

Why do they need to keep secrets from each other?

Why am I supposed to care about Kevin?

Why is the new title thing so stupid looking?

Blah blah blah idk really I can't remember that much because after I watched it I watched the Avengers and the awesomeness of that just pushed Supernatural right out of my mind again!

Wow I love that movie.

I need to own it for myself.

I'm so glad tomorrow is Thursday!!!!

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