Saturday, October 27, 2012

cat day

heyy gs.

i just watched groundhog day for the first time tonight!!!  it was really good!  haha i can definitely see how the supernatural episode was inspired by that now. idg why he couldn't just try staying awake until 6 am and seeing what would happen though.  well maybe he just had no hope that doing that would actually work.  idk.  oh yeah and one random thing, and i just realized the camera man guy is also lilly's dad in how i met your mother!

oh yeah sorry for not posting yesterday but i think inbd since no one else posted either....come on gs, let's not let this blog just fade away and die out! D:

okay so this post won't be the greatest because i only have like 10 minutes left but at least i am still posting.

wow we only have had 37 posts in october and the month is almost over when we should have had 81 posts by now.  oh well, at least it's better than having less than 30 posts a month when only one person posted each day.

but anyways,  let's all keep posting!!!!

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