Tuesday, October 1, 2013

sacred chicken

heyyyy gs

uhh what where the h is gob.....................

what is this thehoblog???? theparablog????????? that doesnt make any sense!!!!!!!!! imagine if only patrick and mr. krabs were in spongebob square pants for two episodes in a row. imagine only spiderman's amazing friends  were in two eps in a row of spiderman and his amazing friends. that would not be so amazing. imagine two harry potter books w no harries. imagine two breaking balds with no balds. what im tryin to say is that this is 3 am hob

today i had pr iingies but now i havent any

bleh i hate to type on this

actaully today was nice and good but to too bad that ita deleted frm existence

i just had a thought maybe gob was destroyed when breaking bad was destroyed thats just my thought

th is morning at about 7 hawkeye got herself stuck in my blinds she could not get he r claw out for the life of her and i didnt wanna get odf my bed so i iwas tryna reach and like swing her outta there but it wouldnt do any good and thwn she was meowing the saddest meows ive heard and just when i got in my slippies she got herself out. you know what i want this d ay deleted after all

para please bring your ball when u come

thank you beautiful hob

now to later in the day hob

shes so tired

ok well the all times that i said "today" i meant "yesterday"

please delete today still

oh ok i forgot that it wasnt the final draft well idk if i can wait that long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but whatever you want

yeah delicious never changed for the better but like the first time it changed, it was really bad at first but then it at least got a little bit better even though it wasnt as good as before so.

aw g idk i dont that much wanna watch agents of shield but ill think about it

well doi you would hear a lot about it. i only know like one person who's watching it i think. but yeah that is annoying because for one thing...a show having one problematic character or element doesnt like make the entire thing problematic and make you a terrible person for liking it???? and also yeah i have no time for people who say you're not allowed to like something even if it's something super problematic and like??? i dont think anything exists that doesnt have something wrong w/ it so people who look down on people for what they like must not like anything themselves i guess!!!

wow did that even make sense bleh im sleppin

wow its like you expect that the second breaking bad is over you will never hear about it again but......

thank you for your negativity. although no thanks for your not negativity because to be honest im unexcited for this weekend. ill probably only get to see para on sunday really and i super didnt wanna have to work on saturday and i have to work for 7 hours then which just the thought of makes me want to die and ill miss some things and yeah no thanks. at least i dont have to do anything for the next 2 days although i was gonna clean my room but i might do nothing

wow nice and complicated pic para!!!!!

hahahahahah yes i remember that game!!! omg watching that vid was an experience wow. that girl twirling around omg. the music wow. i wanna play it

ok our game for this month is list all the bad things about your day. jj but im gonna do it today

*i had to work and close which bleh
*it was pretty busy and there was a period of time where it was so busy that i wanted to die and i was the only one there
*i had to stay like 30 mins extra to finish closing and stuff
*i had a lil headache the whole time
*i didnt really have dinner
*im so tired idk
*i almost ran over a cat

thats my post

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