Tuesday, October 22, 2013

chicken is never enough

heyyyyyy gs

wow im so tired let me die

nice post gob

wow sometimes its weird when things are disney idk

tyt para!!! yeah i liked all those things a lot!!

wow what am i looking at ok like sure a guy can casually kiss guys sometimes and still be straight i guess but i wouldnt think that like a average person would write them doing that and it wouldnt cross their mind for that character to be not straight. tho w/ fanboys im not surprised lol

wait that jameson guy is a real guy i thought you made him up.................................................

wow yeah i have seen ppl being racist w/r/t this casting news and im not surprised about that either bleh

omg that thing about you having to make the cake pm by yourself reminds me of that time on mom's bday where noah wouldnt even boil some eggs. he really likes to laze on ppls bdays i guess wow we should all be lazy on his bday

omg thats such a beautiful pic para!!!!! ya didnt heck it up i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow speaking of casting news and of that one guy, today i learned that one of my fav ppl who was in the les mis tour is gonna be in the bway revival and like idk why he nevre said anything about it or at least hinted at it tho he doesnt have a v big part but thats still so crazy wow. too bad i'll never get to see it

*playin cooking mama w/ para
*mario w/ para
*my yoshi!!!!!!!!!!
*i got my november schedule and it looks like im working fewer hours a week now which is what i wanted

*i think i have another lil bit of a cold or somethin and i just had one like one month ago
*i was so tired at work which is normal but i was even more tireder than normal
*someone stole my chair at work so i had to stand p much the whole time and like they have their own chair and its a better one so idgi
*para left
* para didnt take her pickles
*a bad thing about my november schedule is that i have to work the worst possible shift every single saturday that month (except the one after tgiving thank u jesus)

haha i was reading over my post and i accidentally started like every other paragraph with wow

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