Wednesday, October 2, 2013

in the clutches of...the goat!

Hey gs!!!

V nice 3 am Hob also I agree w what she said.

Also I want pringies.

Nice theory but alas Gob hasn't posted since before Breaking Bald was destroyed.

That small little cat!!!

Well but it might be hard to bring the ball on the bus I mean don't we have balls at home???

Icr that time but I feel like overall Delicious has been steadily declining since I joined.

I still need to watch the second episode of Agents of SHIELD bc I had to go to a lecture during the time that it was on yesterday and I was going to watch it tonight but then Abby wanted to skype and so idk maybe I'll have time tomorrow who knows

Yeah I get what you're saying g like I can't think of anything that's perfect plus like if I want to watch a thing that's problematic I can watch it if I want to and I can still acknowledge the problematic things like for example Buffy the Vampire Slayer is so racist omg but we still watched the shit out of that and enjoyed it.  Joss Whedon is not good at putting that many poc in his stuff I guess but he is p good at writing women for the most part???  Also there is a woc in Agents of SHIELD and so far she is amazing so??????

Aw g well Sunday is still good like I will be around for most of Sunday so. Inbd really because after I leave I'll be back in like two weeks so dwai

Tyt about my pic!!!

Haha same that vid brings back memories doubtful that we still have that game or could even run it though.  I don't remember playing that game since NJ so

What a nice and cheerful game

Okay well

*I woke up way too early accidentally and couldn't get back to sleep which was so frustrating bc I wanted to get lots of sleep before my exam but no such luck
*I felt like I didn't have enough time for my exam like translating takes a long time for me idk and also this one sentence I couldn't figure out what this combination of words was saying to me until like a few minutes after I had handed in my test I figured it out and bleh like the exam wasn't too bad it was just these things
*I was trying to make some mac and cheese for lunch but these three people were hogging up the whole kitchen making a big mess and taking up the whole table with their lunch and talking really loudly like I finally made the mac and cheese but it was just a struggle
*There weren't any more french fries at dinner and I really wanted some
*This one guy who I know from my Latin class who keeps talking to me and I call him the rapist guy in my head (because one time he told a rape joke to me and he always talks to me really creepily) talked to me when I was walking outside tonight and bleh he's so creepy and I wish I could stop being polite to him and just tell him to stop talking to me but for some reason I can't????
*Someone was singing in the shower next to me while I was trying to take a shower and it sounded like the same thing over and over again and it was super annoying and I just wanted a peaceful shower but no
*This is a thing that's still happening but Abby will not stop bothering me about her presentation she has due tomorrow and apparently has barely just started and she is just stressing me out and frustrating me about her homework like why do I even care it's her homework but she has just gotten me involved with it and now I'm stressed about it good lord

Wow I do not like this game I wasn't even thinking about any of those things before but now that I had to relive them I feel so much worse like this day has been awful even though I wasn't thinking that before I don't like this......

Okay I'm sorry I need to write out some positive things to get my mood back up

*Well I'm still really excited about this weekend also I roped Abby into going with me and Karl to the convention and so yeah I'm so excited to see them and to go to fall con and to see my g even if it's just for a little bit and to see my kitties and doggie and the new smooth road and sleep in my bed for two nights!!!
*That darn exam is over with so now I can relax and not have to worry about it too much at least
*There was a really nice storm today with so much thunder and lightning and even though the power kept going out it was still cool when that happened in the middle of class and yeah it was so nice
*It's now October which is one of my favorite months!!!
*Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1 came out today which is the first of a miniseries that's a flashback to Peter Parker!!!!!! I haven't read it yet but it sounds amazing and my friend who's opinion I really trust on Spidey stuff said it was good and also the art looks really pretty.  I really want to buy it but doubtful that we will go to the comic book store this weekend since we're already going to fall con and I doubt they will have it there since it just came out but I'm going to try anyway.  And if I can't I'll just download it but yeah I can't wait to read it!!!!

Ah okay that's better.

Okay well have a nice day!!!

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