Wednesday, October 23, 2013

to kill a goat!

Hey gs!!!!

Well my internet's not working in my room at the moment so I came here to the library to take this online quiz that I had to do but I guess I'll just stay here a little longer to write my post and then I guess I'll post it in case the internet doesn't come back before midnight.

Yeah I guess.  Is Spider-Man actually bisexual we just don't know. But what we know for sure is that probably even if he married the Human Torch some dumb fanboys would never accept it so.

Yeah haha Jameson is a real character no I didn't make him up Stan Lee made him up and he first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #1!!! Why did you think I made him up though???

Yes bleh racist people but good news is I have seen some fanart already of my ship with MBJ!Johnny and so now I can probably die happy.

Yeah same that also reminded me of that.  Okay on Noah's birthday I'll heck up hard boiling and egg and you can cut up a few strawberries and that'll be all he gets.

Tyt about my pic!  I'm really glad you like it!!!

Aw g I saw Star Trek XII in theaters I think twice that was the summer of seeing lots of movies in theaters lots of times.  Actually this summer may also be like that because I can think of three movies so far I want to see coming out this summer I want to see and one of them I might want to see 403968340698 times.

Oh yeah speaking of movies they just said they are working on developing a Black Panther movie!!!!!!!!!!!  Idk when it will come out but that is p exciting!!!  I wonder if he will be in Avengers 3???  Hmm I wonder if they will just keep adding more Avengers as they make more movies or if some will leave.  I kind of hope some will leave because too many Avengers in a movie could get confusing.  It's okay in comics but in a movie you can't really do that.  And there is not very good representation in the current MCU Avengers so I'm hoping they will add Black Panther and Falcon and Scarlet Witch and hopefully Wasp if she's actually in the Ant Man movie!!!  Although it's really disappointing to me that they also just said there are no Marvel movies with female leads coming out until at least 2017.  Like someone asked if they were going to make a Black Widow movie and they just said to watch Cap 2.  Like that is great that Natasha is going to have a big part in that movie and that she had a big part in Avengers but the movie is still called Captain America and it still has the subtitle Winter Soldier who is also a male so that's not really the same thing at all.  Also they said they had a lot of female representation so somehow that meant they don't need to make a movie with a female lead well no you can't just say yeah we've done enough for women for now let's stop with that like having one out of six Avengers be female and having some love interests isn't enough at all.  Well okay this paragraph got way out of hand the point is that we're happy they're making a Black Panther movie I bet it will be really awesome!!! And yay a movie with a poc lead!!!

I still want a Captain Marvel movie though :(

Oh yeah speaking of Cap 2 here's the trailer for the trailer that's coming out tomorrow!!! Haha

Looks really cool!!!! I especially like the last shot with Cap bringing down the shield!!!  I wonder if that will be a flashback because that appears to be his suit from the first movie.  Oh speaking of that I really like the Commander Rogers costume and how it looks!!!  I didn't like his costume in the Avengers movie very much so I'm glad they are changing it.  There weren't any shots of Falcon in this though I hope there will be some in the real trailer and I hope he will have a big part in the movie.

Oh Hob I was going to tell you that one of the jamz you gave me is a cover of a song I really like and it's a really awesome cover too!!!

Yeah Gob I think I have seen most of Stan's rants.  There are a lot of funny things on Stan's youtube channel.

*I think I have a cold or something too because my throat has been hurting all day.
*I accidentally woke up 2 hours early and couldn't get back to sleep.
*Well my internet wasn't working this evening which is why I'm here.
*We were peer reviewing our poems in creative writing but we were doing it all in a big group which was going fine until my prof said we didn't need to raise our hands which was worthless so me because people kept starting to say things just when I wanted to and it made me so frustrated.

*Psych PAL was cancelled today
*Only two more days until the weekend already

Well I can't put any pics in this post because I'm not on my computer darn it.

Also darn it I was going to watch the Agents of SHIELD ep I missed yesterday but if the internet is still not working then I can't.  Oh well if the internet is still not working when I get back to my room I'm just going to make some tea because my throat is still hurting and then read some comics.

Okay well have a nice day!!!

Oop I just got back and my internet is working now so I'll add some pics!!!

This is based on a really cute ep of Ultimate Spider-Man where the whole team are turned into babies!!!

This is showing four different versions of Peter Parker and their respective heights.

Let's see um I wanted to draw MJ as a woc and then

And here's just some normal Peter and Felicia.
Okaaaaaay that's all for now have a nice day for realsies!!!

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