Thursday, October 17, 2013

goat disaster!

Hey gs!!!

Yeah tbh it's not Benedict Cumberbatch's acting that I hate it's just him

Wow Gob how have you not seen the new Star Trek movie tho what have you been doing??? If you ignore the racism and sexism there are some good parts you should watch it!!!

Yeah same.  We are almost there though just a little m ore to go we can do it maybe!!!!

This weekend is gonna be a blast if we survive until 3:20/4:30 tomorrow!!!!

Tyt for the jamz!!! I have listened to some of them I still need to listen to the rest I guess I'll do that after I post.  But omg one of the songs I have already listened to is so PeterJohnny yes good

Oh okay well tyt for reading it!  Does Gob read any of my posts at all usually is the real question I guess

Maybe she licked the donut and it wasn't to her taste

Yeah I mean specifically I was saying he has written Spider-Man (Peter Parker) as potentially not straight...... I mean lots of other writers do it too but yeah I'm signalling Bendis out because he was the one who made the comment and well I was trying to look for examples but too busy so there's this (Iron Fist is a guy)

and this (Moon Knight is also a guy)

These aren't the best examples (but those were both example of Bendis writing him by the way) but you get the idea kind of..... I mean yeah obviously he's jokin around otherwise there wouldn't be any question to it but that's the point.  And there are better example of him kissing guys and not caring about it or not correcting people when they assume he's into guys sooooo yeah Bendis what's your excuse now????

It wasn't princess in this case it was prince but I've also seen him called princess which makes me so angry because Thor actually got called princess in the movie but apparently no one cares enough about Thor to remember that :(((((

What I want is an actual long box for storing comics so I can store them upright and not stacked on top of each other so yeah I'm not gonna worry about it until I can either get one of those or until I need to bring them all home whichever comes first until then I'm just stacking the ones that don't fit on top of the boxes

Aw yeah having your bday at the community center will be great I love summoning satan he's so wild!!!  I was thinking you could just put out the plates and then hide in the kitchen but

Get Noah's help again maybe!!!

SSM = Superior Spider-Man aka Spock aka Doc Ock aka My Worst Nightmare

Tyt about my vid!!!

Yeah the same guy the very same guy please can someone beat him up for me????

Tyt I tried very hard not to heck up the game.  Jk it was just a very negative day.......

Gob was the food in your dining hall broken or????

*My psych exam was p easy I think I did well on it???
*Only one more day until I will be going home for fall break

*The guy who was sitting behind me during my psych exam kept clearing his throat over and over which sounded really yucky and kept distracting me bleh
*The dining hall was SO crowded at lunch I seriously regretted the decision of going there I mean there wasn't even anything that good to eat and there was nowhere to sit basically and then finally I found a spot and I was sitting there and this guy came up and asked if he could sit with me and I was like alright fine and then he sat down and he was like oh by the way my dad is going to sit with us and then his dad came up and sat with us and I was like ?????  Because he wasn't like touring like that dude is a student I have seen him around why is his dad here??? And then the two of them kept talking about how he had failed some test and needed to study some more and I was so uncomfortable!!!!! And then the dad asked me what my major is and I told him and he was like wow amazing!!! My daughter is an english major you must know her!!! And then he started telling me about his daughter to try to get me to remember her or something but like dude I'm sorry I don't know every english major!!!!!  I don't even have very many english major friends I have like two of them I'm sorry I mostly know biology/chemistry majors obviously I fell in with the wrong crowd but like I'm not going to know every person anyway he said his daughter was a senior like wow I'm not going to have any classes with her I'm still taking the survey classes..........

Beep beep do I want to post those darn pics I drew or do I want to be lazy?

I want to be lazy.

Have a nice day!!!

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