Saturday, October 19, 2013

kiss from a chicken

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

aw gs responding-to-things!gob only lasted for one postie :(

also you never go back and add things when you say you're gonna bum bum bum

aw yeah para we made it through!!!!!!!! we didnt know how lost we were!!!!

yeah or she nibbled a little baby nibble of it

wait what do you mean by "kissing guys and not caring" doesnt that make him pretty not-straight already? or is it like he had to kiss them like maybe to make a deal w/ a demon or s/t like that. i guess its probably that

oh yeah i meant to say disney prince but i wouldnt be surprised if ppl were also saying like "actual disney princess loki!!!!" except i would be surprised because wtf and why

bleh i hate when people keep clearing their throat tbh. like w/e they cant help it or something but i remember one time at the beginning of the year i was in the computer lab at school and i was sitting next to a person who kept clearing their throat and it was annoying me so i moved and then it happened again w/ the next person i sat next to and then the next and like it was really making me so angry bc idgi like everywhere i moved there was exactly one person sitting right next to me who kept clearing their throat that was the worst day ever

wow what is w/ that guy and dad

aw g you made the wrong decision because you actually wanted to post pics :(

ok i might heck up the game cuz today was really good so

*we went out and to some stores and it was nice because it was cool and gloomy and rainy for some time
*we went to a bookstore and i got some coolio books
*we went to a really nice coffee shop and i got a p good sandwich and a v good pumpkin latte
*we went to a spice store of goodie smells
*barbie: life in the dream house
* i found out the candy crush saga is finally available for kindle!!!!!!!!!
\*it i think was the first saturday in a long time that i didnt have to work
*para was here
*yum scones and hot choc
*just a good ol day

*after the rain it was yucky sunny and greeny
*like a dummie i forgot to look up the authors of some books i wanted before going to the store so i couldnt find any of the things i really super wanted

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