Tuesday, October 29, 2013

o, bitter goat

Hey gs!!!

Hahahaha icqcml at Gob being Squidward omg

Aw g well I already have three tg jamz so what does that tell you?  Well it tells you that I found a JohnnyPeter fanmix the other day but yeah let's have our good jamz exchange!!!

Oh speaking of the jamz you gave me I was gonna tell you that the one that is a cover is Pioneers and it's a cover of a song by Bloc Party awww yeah

Same icqcme for tg!!!!!!  Also xmas already oop!!!! Wow I am so done with Halloween this year though like I keep thinking that it's already over bc most of the Halloween stuff on campus happened last weekend sooooo

Also it snowed today and that is like making me think that winter is coming......

I mean I like Halloween but there's not really a point to the actual day of Halloween if you're not really doing anything...... G the best thing about giving out candy is seeing cute little kids dressed as superheroes because for one thing that's the most adorable thing in the world but also just kids.  Like I don't ever see kids tbh I think that increased my appreciation for them a lot. Like they are. Kind of cute.

Well yeah John Jonah Jameson Jr. is the most alliterative name in the history of names but that's what's so great about it????/

Aw g but your piccies were so beautiful I miss them

Yeah it's so mean to recast her I'm crying about it.  Well like okay the reason they said they cut her from TASM 2 was because "there wasn't room for two girls" which is like the biggest bullshit I've ever heard like wow there's room in this movie for 403684093 villains and 3405943 father figures and dead people to come back as ghosts or some shit but you can't have two female characters????  That's so stupid first of all but also I'm pretty sure part of the reason was stupid fanboys complaining about how Shai wasn't pretty enough to play MJ which wow I'm pretty sure I've never ever seen anyone say Andrew wasn't pretty enough to play Peter in fact I've seen a lot of times people saying he's too pretty (which is really stupid) so that's just awful plus Shailene is really beautiful like wow and.  Yeah it isn't clear whether she will actually be recast but I think if they do they will say that it was because of scheduling conflicts because Shai is filming another movie around the same time they will be filming TASM 3 but the whole thing seems awful to me.

Also another thing is that since MJ was cut from TASM 2, if Gwen dies in that movie, we will never get to see Gwen and MJ together AND THAT IS SUCH A GREAT SHIP!!!!!!!!! D:

Tyt about my vid!

Well no I'm just gonna try to not go to the dining hall on weekends because it's just a plum waste of a meal and I only have a limited amount...... I could go to pizza ranch but I'd have to walk there and also spend money..... What I did last weekend was just eat food I have in my room like I ate a can of soup that I had.  I still have one more can of soup but when I run out I still have a lot of dining dollars I can spend at the c-store so

Wait here's a little advice for you all.  Don't go to the dining hall when you are very tired don't do it you will take off your lettuce to spread may on the bread of your sandwich but then you will accidentally spread bbq sauce instead because you weren't looking and then you will try to scrap it off with your knife and accidentally cut a big hole in your bread and then you'll go to throw the bread mush away you cut off and accidentally throw your lettuce away too and then you'll get too excited about grapes and take way too many of then and then when you are done eating you will go to throw your food away and accidentally throw your knife in the compost and then you will leave it there okay don't do this it is v dangerous

Not that I have done that.....

Tyt about my pics!

Oh well I had an idea for our next game called you just take a piccie of something in your day and you just post it.  It could be a pic of you....it could be a pic of your food.... it could be a sneaky pic of your roommate.... Who knows!!!!  Does that sound fun idk it's just a suggestion

Okay Hob but tbh the main problem I'm having is finding a ride so yeah I don't really mind skipping my classes that day but what good will that do me if I'm still stuck at school because I don't have a ride

Well no because I posted in November 2012.... But that reminds me I should make some more of those Goblin pics!!  Haha actually I just got to the part where the Hobgoblin shows up so I could make some Hob pics????

Those small kittens!!!  Haha that reminds me of when I was playing that pirate comp game with Noah and we found a ship called Jarvis.

Omg it's the Days Of Future Past trailer!!!

It looks so sad!!!!!!!!!! I'm shippin Charles/Charles.  Haha jk but I hope this movie has lots of good Charles/Erik!!!!!  Also lots of Kitty Pryde PLEASE

It's let's talk about comics time!!!!

I'm just gonna talk about this one comic that came out last week I think because it is so hilarious. Okay it is Marvel Now What? #1 (although idk why it's even numbered bc it says it is a oneshot but)

*Okay but the Marvel babies are my fave variants I'm sorry!!!!
*Haha Salacious Spider-Man.  I wish Slott WOULD get arrested then maybe we could be done with him
*Well tbh I probably would read a comic where Punisher and Bullseye ate Chinese food for the whole issue so
*Ock doesn't have six legs though he has two legs...and six arms... Eight....limbs.... He's...an octopus....???
*"awfully handsome" Aunt May.....no ooooo
*Omg Cap's face in p much every panel of the internet dating part
*I think Cap and the Red Skull should just kiss
*Aww one time I read an issue of Marvel Adventures where Thor and Storm were dating and it was.  Really cute??? So I'd say I ship it...
*Also their lightning bolt children!  Shocky and Electrocutey!!! And their dog Buttons omg!!!!
*Why is Thor having brunch by himself though wow I volunteer to have brunch with Thor!!!
*Jen, Sue, and Jan having brunch together though omg they're so small!!!!
*Hey Doom is using the door like a peasant!!!
*"Quit using gendered pronouns!"
*Jan zapped Doom in the butt....
*Tbh the part with the Watcher was kind of boring and long and I skimmed most of it....
*Deadpool kitty!!!

Okay that's it!  What a fun time!!!

*There's no Agents of SHIELD today bum bum bum
*It was v cold
*This download is taking so long omg

*Well it wasn't too busy of a day I just had my one class and I didn't have that much homework to do
*I read a really great comic!!! It wasn't the one I talked about it was an old issue of ASM and it's so great I need to own it wow!!!!

Okay piccies time

Okay well here's Michael B. Jordan Johnny and Andrew Garfield Peter

And yeah this is pretty self explanatory

Alright that's it have a nice day!!!

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