Friday, October 11, 2013

the tentacle and the goat!

Hey gs!!!!

Okay it's lets talk about comics time because I'm finally going to talk about Marvel Knights Spider-Man #1

*Best art ever omg so so so pretty so good I love it
*Very confusing to read but in a good way like you have to pay lots of attention. There are very few like normal straight forward panels
*Peter looks a lot like Andrew Garfield hmmm
*I don't know when this is supposed to take place but it's obviously not super recently because Peter's still a freelance photographer and Madam Web is still alive
*This is like basic Spidey status quo like no money, accidentally stumble upon people to beat up and have to save people blah blah blah but it's like a breath of fresh air compared to SSM
*I mean its like your basic Parker luck scenario and that kind of thing never happens to Spock obviously
*How did his clothes pretty much disintegrate in the explosion but somehow his suit was left perfectly intact underneath???
*I like how Halloweeny this issue is like there's Jack o' Lantern and Morbius and Man-Wolf and Frankenstein's Monster lol. Also the orange and blackness of most of the issue.
*Drugs! Drugs! Drugs!
*Uncle Ben!!!! Why????
*"You will answer all of the problems or you will perish in the attempt" well we already know he's not gonna die right because this is a flashback??? I mean we already know how he dies haha (I laugh to keep from crying)
*"Spider-sense is going crazy, but I go in anyway.  It's what I do." UNLIKE SPOCK WHO JUST IGNORES STUFF although admittedly maybe he shouldn't have gone in.
*It's really hard to read text backwards
*He can just not stop thinking about Uncle Ben like is that seriously what he think about all the time??? Well probably
*When did he take the pill though
*I'm so excited for the next issue!!!! Although it doesn't come out until November bum bum bum

Well I didn't know a rule of the game was that you had to have more negative things than positive things.............  And that wasn't a bad day that a great day!!!!!

Tyt for taking care of my cup thing

Aw g your donut story made me really sad but then I was happy you got a new donut it was like an emotional roller coaster for me.  But haha yeah Hawkeye loves baked goods remember when she ate the tops of the muffies????

I want to spit on these people who are saying "actual disney prince" about these gifs of Loki like yeah I guess he technically is a disney prince but doi he's the evil villain prince and like that's exactly what he looks like in those gifs!!????  Like????  Thor is the real disney prince hello!!!!!!!!?????  Just look at him and you will know the truth.  He is still the second best disney prince tho but still

Welp people really liked my second short story too I can do no wrong obviously

OKay so Bendis said this thing where someone asked him if they would ever possibly make a popular Marvel character canonically bisexual or something in the comics and he was like well probs not because it would be offensive to make a character be that when they haven't ever shown signs of it before and like okay yeah you're right that would be offensive but some characters have shown signs so good news you can do it!!!!! Here are just a few of the characters that I can think of that have shown signs of not-straightness
*Deadpool!!!!! Wow if any character has shown signs of being not straight it's Deadpool now just make him date a boy or something
*Human Torch (this is purely coincidence that I have just listed the three people in two of my biggest slash ships shhhh)
*Iron Man??? Maybe???
Probably more but yeah I'm just saying

So I made a list of all the comics I own physical copies off (I also own some digital comics but I didn't include those) and I learned that I own 186 comics.  I have been "collecting" for over a year now so

Okay time for the game

*I got a flu shot today and I p much almost died waiting in line for it because I was panicking way a lot and I had to remember to breathe and I felt like I was going to die.  But seriously that line was the worst because you can see right darn into the room where they give the shots unless they close the door which some people did not.  And then when it was my turn I went into the room and the nurse was like "I'm guessing from the sigh you don't want to be here" but I wasn't sighing that was just my actual breathing????  And so she told me I should lay down while she did it and I think that was better so maybe nurses do know a thing or two who knew????
*There wasn't really anything to eat in the dining hall for dinner tonight because the weekend laziness of the dining hall people is starting

*There were s'more bars in the dining hall at lunch and I ate one of them there and stole three more so I still have some goos!!!!
*It's Friday!
*There was a nice storm today

It's time for piccies because I think I have accumulated too many that I haven't posted

I drew this for a prompt in a Spider-Man kink meme that was just "Curtis Connors has 30 goddamn ducks."

This is based on the Johnny/Peter fic I'm still working on.  It's almost done but

This one is very dif but it is also Peter and Johnny

Ooookay there I more but that's enough for now.  Have a nice day!!!

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