Sunday, October 13, 2013

thnks fr th chckns

heyyyyy gs

jus startin my post one hour after the day's begun because im bored

also one hour after the week's begun i want it to be over. actually i want it to be 6/7ths over. omg imagine if it was friday at like 4:30 pm that'd be a miracle

omg motion city soundtrack has a new song and its really good

do they have a new album comin

it seems like they just had one but i guess not really

i didnt care that much for their last album im sorry to say

ok let me see

aw gob sorry to inform you that next week (this week) will be the most stressful and busy week ever D:

ok i hate benedict cumberbatch so................

wow whys he have to be in everything i want to cut his face off

how is watching the last ep of orange is the new black a positive thing that was the most frustrating cliffhanger ending why

oh cool i missed lets talk about comics time even though i dont care for it

ok thats not a rule of the game but its just like the game was supposed to be just say negative things but then it started to include positive things and its just like ok ur heckin it up but whatev. no that was a worst day for all


yeah that donut incident was a real roller coaster ride. haha yeah that hawkeye. although she didnt eat the donut ???????

wow i have never seen anyone say that of loki but thats stupy and gross. wtf hes a straight up villain and yeah thor is the most actual disney prince guy i know. im feedin every body to my dog

aw g nice stories probably

wait im sorry but idg why it'd be offensive to make a character bisexual if they havent shown signs of it before bc like a person in our world could suddenly realize they're bisexual after jus goin a long time thinking theyre straight or something. or is that not what you mean idk 1:22 am hob's a dummie

what the actual h i wouldnt have expected that many comics. did you expect that or more or less or

nice work on your floo shot. you made it through. you didnt know how lost you were. or you did. im prob gettin a one on tues but idc really

wait the weekend dining laziness starts already on fri??? ?  we dont have that in our house so you'll have to come here

haha nice piccies!!! that lil ducks one

and the last dif one looks so nice

and the mid is good haha is that the fic you were writing a million years ago and you like asked if a guy would borrow another guy's bathing suit


now what

aw gs i just saw the saddest thing

it used to be so HIGH :(

ok alright i guess ill wait until ive experienced the day to say about my day

ok ive experienced my day

*at work i was setting up the parties and inbd mostly but this one lady omfg i wanted to smash her head against a wall like she was a mom of one of the parties and she like thought ppl were gonna like pour the drinks and idk what else and then she wanted someone to write a list of all the presents that the child got ?????? w hy????? cant you do that yourself ?? and then the dad was like "so you p much just put out the plates and then go hide in the kitchen" and wtf its called getting out of your way wow why couldnt i smack them
*these weird ppl kept texting me idk who they were but they were like having a conversation and i didnt know them and it wouldnt end

*it was kind of cool in the world

ok i lost this game cuz i didnt feel like explaining stuff that well but thats fine

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