Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the 112th cat

heyyy gs.

i don't really have any feelings about benedict cumberbatch one way or the other.  like i haven't watched sherlock, i haven't watched the new star trek movie, and i don't plan on watching the new hobbit movie.

aw g, hob, i feel like our music compatibility should be at least a bit higher...D:

the only person i have a super music compatibility on last.fm with right now is seth.  i have a very high music compatibility two of my friends, and a low  music compatibility with my other friend but i actually understand why that is more than me having a low music compatibility with you.  i feel like our music compatibility should at least be average but idk.

oh and speaking of last.fm....i finally broke 10000 plays on there today!!!!!
speaking of music, here's a really nice new artist i found about today:

negative things:
-i bombed the sight singing section of my test today
-i kept dozing off during someone's presentation in one of my classes

positive things:
-i aced the piano part of my test today
-band rehearsal got canceled so i had a lot of time today to get work done
-at the dining hall this chef from chile came in to fix the food and it was actually pretty good

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