Monday, October 21, 2013

my life in four cats

heyy gs.

sorry about the suck post last week...

this one will be a better one though!!!!

okay responding to things...

para i will try to watch the new star trek movie soon!  idk why i didn't see it in theaters.  i guess i just never got around to it.

also, yeah i do read the posts.

oh and speaking of disney princesses,  princess leia from star wars is an actual disney princess!!! though that was so annoying when star wars was first bought from disney and people kept like pointing it out so many times and doing so many stupid disney/star wars drawing mashups.

wow this is 2 of my usual things got canceled so i only had a class at 11 and a class at 1.  and tomorrow i only have 2 classes because one of my classes was canceled.  and then thursday and friday all my classes are canceled so i can attend concerts and talks at the contemporary
 music festival!

haha it's probably pretty likely at least para has seen this but i randomly found it the other day and i thought i would share.

-it was really cold when i walked to class
-my lunch at the dining hall was not that great

-i only had 2 classes today for once
-my dining hall was pretty good
-in my world music class we watched part of a really funny bollywood film
-i got in a good nap

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