Friday, October 25, 2013

chicken silence

heyyy gs


at least we know you will have a great post for your next post!!! wow what did your mates even do? werw they bein racist???

yeah para let me tell you that some  Certain Actual Canon Slash Ships have fanboys of them who think they aint canon

well i thought noah made him up? like his name sounded like one of those really dumb names that noah comes up with idk!!!

oh i also saw that thing about no female leads til whenever and i rolled my eyes so hard at that wow. the worst thing is there wont be a squirrel girl movie until then no!!!!!!!!!! nah the worst thing is everything

what jam was it????? i didnt know any was covers

aw g i hope you dont have what i have cuz mine turned in from a teensy cold to a huge big thing bleh i feel so yucky. well i feel some better now but still some yuck. and its not the hugest thing but still huge. and i have a sore throat so yeah

whats psych pal

nice pics g!!! i espesh love all them. well espesh espesh those babies and that mj and spiderman one. wow i lvoe that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and not just because its my best ship ever but because it looks so good and mj looks really good. wow your drawings are gettin so fancy!!!

omg yesterday i was watchin thor and let me tell you i found the yuckiest baby of all the yucky babies

wow also today i was watchin a movie and one of the trailers before to movie starred scarlett johansson and chris evans and i was like wtf am i watching the captain america 2 trailer but i was not. i mean it didnt look anything like captain america 2 but


*wow so many things
*i was sick for one thing
*actually today wasnt as bad as yesterday but
*for the second time in one month my plans i was really looking forward to to go out to din w/ the family and relatives was squashed. the plans were for tomorrow but today was the day when they were squashed
*this morning dad got the mac and cheese that i was really wanting yesterday but he didnt care to tell me and so the whole day until dinner i ate nothing and starved thinking we didnt have anything. not that he knew i wanted it but we also had a lot of other things that we didnt have yesterday and he didnt care to tell me of any of them
*i texted noah to close his door and he did not so i had to get outta bed
*i had to type most of this on my kindle which sucked and now im typing on the computer which also sucks cuz im not in my bed
*i had to email in sick for tomorrow which i hated doing

*dad made chicken noodle soup which i wanted all day yesterday but did not have
*7 up
*throat drops
*i had a two day break today and yesterday so at least thats something

wow until recently i didnt understand the idea of drinking soda when your throat hurt cuz i thought it would hurt it even more but now its like if im not drinking soda every minute when my throat hurts then im dead probably

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