Wednesday, October 16, 2013

chicken tree

heyyyyyyyyy gs

oh nice gob responded to things!!! crazy day!!!!!

well i prob would hate benedict cumberbathch even if i hadnt seen any of those things

aw g same but maybe you should try listening to some better music!!! jj. tho every time i go on there it seems like you're listening to some classical things or somethin so idek. but yeah still idk how it could be so low. well i broke 52,410 plays on there today!!!! actually yesterday. well.

wow para thats craz that we're in almost agreement of when we want it to be cuz usually its like we want it to be opposite times or something. maybe cuz you usually want it to be the weekend like a normal person hmmm. but this weekend i dont have to work at all thats so crazy!!!!!!!!!

oh cool i thought you would like that song. ok g i gotcha some songs if thats what you want. so heres the para's fall break jamz exchange. tho para doesnt have to give any lol.

*hunger and thirst - typhoon
*matches to paper dolls - dessa
*playing cards with judas - sarah slean
*pyromaniac - oh land
*sweater weather - the neighbourhood
*heavy lies the crown - in fear and faith
*love is paranoid - the distillers
*honeybee - steam powered giraffe
*pioneers - tunng
*female robbery - the neighbourhood
*sleepsong - bastille
*plain sailing weather - frank turner
*paralyzed - the cardigans
*through the deep, dark wood - the veils

i missed it because idk its just like good ol refreshing lets talk about comics time???? idk!!! and yeah i read it though sometimes i dont read it right away but i at least read it before the next time i post

she didnt even eat any of the donut though i thought. well i dont really know. maybe she tasted it a lil

so tru about thor and loki. wow how can you look and yucki loki and think disness princess??? i dont????????????????

yeah i guess i didnt think about how some of thems been around for 50 years or whatever. wow so like that guy wrote some characters as potentially being bisexual and he doesnt even know it or? someone should tell him..........

you could get a new box when you come here. although you also have to bring your pickles so maybe not. tho you could put the pickles in the box maybe

uh at birthday parties they go swimmin. and prob summon satan. yeah we're def gonna have my bday there and i'll set up for it and make the food and stuf. so great.

dang it i didnt even think about my phone being possessed bleh help me!!!!!!!

whats ssm

beep beep nice vid!!

wait is it the same guy as you were saying about before??? if so blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. if not blehhhhhhhhhhh

well ya didnt heck up the game this time

*i have chipotle for din

*i had that din at 4:00 and now im so hungry but cant find a snack in sight

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