Monday, October 7, 2013

chickens don't cry

heyyyyyyyy gs

omg gobs alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wb to life gob!!!!!!!!!!!

wow you gave us a fright buddy

well tyt for being alive

we didnt wanna have thegoblog w/out thegob

tho we were still gonna......................

yeah you can do whatever for the game idc

didnt you use that title already???

wow para wtf is mom bleh she has the worst and most backwards opinions always and she thinks her opinions are feminist yeah okay. wow a female character cant be good if she doesnt have muscles what the actual heck

also yeah that convo the other day blehhhhh. we already talked about this so i havent anything more to say

ok g you really hecked up the game in your post wow.

ok idg the big deal of fall con like you came all the way here just to get six comics idrgi

ok im just gonna play the game cuz i want to be done here. tho today was a really uneventful day so idk

*noah ate all my waffles

*i made a really positive dinner

alright sorry for the suck post

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