Monday, October 28, 2013

la chicken

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

well gob at least that trend is better than your old trend of having a really bad post and then a really bad post for your next one haha. so i hope what you mean isnt that you're going back to that trend now!!!

aw g those suitemates are yucky. though haha im laughing a little cuz its like you're squidward tryin to practice your clarinet and they are spongebob and patrick. but i hope you killed them after that

yeah icqcme for tgiving at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate that its so late tho cuz will i make it through the month we just dont kno. but ive already started getting my jamz!!! i might maybe have a lot this year unlike last year i had like 15. we'll have to do a jamz exchange altho i just did one for para. idk we'll prob see a movie but what. idk about a murder mystery those arent actually my fave so. haha lets put on a play about thanksgiving like we did the first year in west virginia!!!!!!!!! aw g for a sec i thought you were saying that nathan and kassandra and miriam might come this year but i was let down. well next year is something at least. 

wow idc about halloween this year either at all. in fact i think im done caring about it like last year made me hate it when i was home alone. like after you're too old to trick or treat whats even good about it? its just this day when you have to keep gettin out of your bed to give away all your candy to babies. what even. apparently para likes that tho

well para theres a few ships that im talking about but yeah i agree w/ you bleh

yeah but this guy's name is way stupider than all those other names idk what to tell you

aw g idk when i'll draw some pics i havent been feelin it for a while idk if its for me :(

wow also that seems mean to the actress to recast her idk. maybe that happens a lot but it still seems mean. 

oh yeah i have seen people sayin that stuff about loki i could kill them

cutie alien baby

nice vid!

yeah g i realize that about pop now

wait so you're just not gonna eat anything on weekends??? u could go to pizza ranch

wow nice piccie!!!! shes so shiny!!

whats our next game gonna be? i kinda like this one lol. maybe a similar kinda thing idk

ok para lets have it are you going to go to your classes the wednesday before tgiving or not please say no we are all counting on you to say no and to give us your answer immediately thank you. bleh ok i think we all know that you are not going to those classes so could you just say it already thank you

beep boop

i lvoe cats

do you ever wanna look at your posts from november 2012 but you basically posted no posts in november 2012 just wondering

omg remember that kitten livestream thing i miss those babies

hold on just one sec theres one again!!!!!

omg i cant believe it they're called the A.I.kitties and they're named like glados and jarvis and things

ok well

*no work
*lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy girl
*leftover chinese food for lunch
*pumpkin ice cream!!!!!!!!

*not the dinner i wanted
*noah was extra annoying at dinner
*the book im readin has no end in sight

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