Saturday, October 26, 2013

the goat of the brainwasher!

Hey gs!!!

Wow Gob I have been wondering how your suitemates are working out for you.  I guess not good, huh?

I am not surprised Hob.  I don't know what ship you're talking about but I am not surprised at all!!! Wow I hate fanboys so much usually fangirls do a lot of stupid things sometimes but they are not as bad as fanboys usually and more often a lot more awesome.

I guess Noah does make up some corny alliterative names but let me tell you so does Stan Lee I mean
Peter Parker
Betty Brant
Bruce Banner
Reed Richards
Susan Storm
Pepper Potts
Matt Murdock
Stephen Strange
Scott Summers
Okay you get the idea

Doubtful that I have the same thing as you I guess because I haven't felt that bad I mean I made it to all of my classes it was nbd really and I feel mostly better now.  It was mostly just my throat hurting and feeling congested and my nose being sniffly.

It's a study group thing for intro to psych.

Tyt about my pics!!! Oh nice I like that one a lot too and yeah I'm trying new coloring techniques idk but mostly I just fuck around with it until it looks kind of good or I get bored.

When will you draw some more pics g??? I miss when you posted piccies too :(

Oh yeah and speaking of that MJ pic I'm sad that they are probably going to recast MJ for the next film because Shailene seems like a really cool person but I wish that if they do they would consider casting a woc but doubtful that they will because if they thought the backlash of casting Shailene was bad (which was full of sexist comments about her not being pretty enough) they definitely do not want to deal with the backlash that would happen if they casted a woc so.

Bleh that baby is so yucky wow I can't look at Loki's blueness anymore without thinking about that time some dumb people tried to petition for Marvel to make a Loki movie on the grounds that Loki was a poc because he has blue skin sometimes

But wow that is the ugliest alien baby ever esp compared to the cutest alien baby ever

 Wow what is that movie

Oh speaking of Cap 2 the trailer came out a couple of days ago and looks so awesome!!!!

Icqme for Falcon!!!!! He looks so awesome when he is flying!!!!

Oh also there's this teaser trailer thing for X-Men: Days of Future Past

Hmm I wonder when a trailer for TASM 2 will come out????  Probably soon!!!!!!

Oh here's a vid I made also. Before you watch it I will just tell you that it's based on Spider-Man: Blue.  And also I guess The Night Gwen Stacy Died.... But yeah mostly Spider-Man: Blue so yeah you might remember this song was in my fanmix for that but okay the beginning is Peter going to the bridge where Gwen died and thinking about her and the part that's sepia is his memories of her and when he throws her out the window and catches her that's supposed to be her death but obviously I don't have a video of that (yet) so yeah

No Hob the pop massages your throat back to health it's very magical I have been drinking sprite in the dining hall the last few days and let me tell you

*Well today has been really uneventful but I guess that could be a good thing I mean at least I don't have a lot of homework this weekend
*Okay this wasn't today but last night we had this Halloween in the halls things where we had trick or treaters and I saw some cute Spider-Man kids and Iron Man kids!!!

*Okay again I can't really think of anything all I really did today was read comics and draw so
*Well someone turned the light off while I was in the shower so
*Also I didn't really have anything to eat today because I decided that since the dining hall is worthless on the weekends I should just not go at all because if I don't eat on the weekends then I can eat two meals every other day of the week and that's better

Okay time for more piccies

Okay here's Felicia.... I wish I could draw backgrounds but I sadly I can only draw people

Hmm I want to post this pic I drew today but I'm not ready to let it fly free yet....

Okay what else do I have I think I have some really old stuff I never posted oop

Nah nvm it's all worthless to me right now maybe another time

Have a nice day!!!!

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