Saturday, October 12, 2013

can't fix cat

heyy gs!

blehh last week was such a stressful and busy week.  i hope next week will be better D:

maybe i can get ahead on stuff this weekend so next week isn't so horrible.

ahhh it is rumored that there is going to be this huge announcement in a couple days about the new star wars movie and icqcme!!!! even though it might be just a rumor and turn out to be nothing.  it is like rumored that there is going to be some kind of casting announcement and that there will be a teaser trailer of some sort.  oh yeah, did you gs hear that benedict cumberbatch is rumored to be in star wars episode vii???  i can't remember if he has denied it specifically or not said either way.

negative things:
-not having much of a big dinner

positive things:
-getting a lot of practicing/homework in
-relaxing a lot of the day also
-watching the last episode of orange is the new black

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