Monday, October 14, 2013

doc goat wins!

Hey gs!!!!

Yes can it be Friday please 4:30 would be great or really anytime after 3:20...

Very nice MCS song!!!  I put it on my list of songs to get for the bus ride home on Friday but tbh there are only three songs on that list so far so I don't know if this is going to go very well please help me

Idk they just had an album come out last year.  Yeah it wasn't their best but I do really like a few of the songs on it so

Yeah this week is gonna be way more busy and stressful what are you talking about Gob

Wtf Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be in Star Trek and Star Wars???? Shouldn't that be against some sort of rule???  Well whatever idc about Star Wars at all but I also hate Benedict Cumberbatch so if I were you I would be very angry but

Why did you miss let's talk about comics time if you don't care for it??? Do you actually read the stuff or do you just ignore it I always wonder that.  Anyway I'm going to try to have it more often though I really need to catch up on a bunch of series.  I guess I could talk about older comics but that seems a little bit pointless because I read so many comics and I don't know how I would pick which ones to talk about.  I guess I could talk about the ones I am reading to catch up like I need to catch up on SSM even thouhg I hate it and I want to try to read FF before it ends and I need to read the last few issues of Daredevil

Okay I guess I did heck up the game to start with because I needed to say some positive things to brighten my mood after reminding myself of all those negative things and then everyone started doing that but since that's what we're doing now I just gotta be honest and I can't make up negative things to balance it out so

Maybe the donut was not pleasing to her.

Yeah I mean Thor is literally a Disney prince and Loki is literally a Disney villain like sorry kids those are just the facts.   Plus who is the guy who is yucky and greasy and smelly and lies and kills people and tries to take over the world and who is the guy who the beautiful and caring and brave and honorable saves the world???? Here's a hint one of them has movies named after him and one does not.

Nah g I get what you're saying like it seems like that would make sense but think about a character that has fifty plus years (in real time) of continuity in some cases reaffirming their heterosexuality.  If that character were to suddenly to show homosexual behavior it would seem like a big stunt and I think that would be kind of offensive????  Like not that it couldn't be realistic in a different setting of someone later in life realizing they are bisexual but that in the comics industry that kind of thing with that much continuity behind it would easily be recognized as like a stunt and not an accurate representation of the world.  I think that's what Bendis was getting at, although my point was that he's wrong that there aren't any existing popular male leads that have shown signs of being possibly bisexual, so that could easily be done I think without offending anyone!!! Yay!!!

Yeah that does seem like a lot of comics to me like wow crazy day although I am counting all the issues I have collected in trades because it doesn't really matter to me whether I own the single issues or not so

Wow when I was going through my comics though I realized I have so many issues that aren't bagged and boarded like way more than I thought those poor comics they are very sad also I am out of room in my boxes to fit them all so I need a new box

Tyt about my flu shot. It's probably better to not c because when you c you freak out way too much in the hallway and you have to lie down while they shoot you.

Yeah the weekend laziness begins at dinner on Fridays usually.  Okay this Friday I won't have dinner and you can feed me when I come home okay

Tyt about my piccies!

Yeah it is the very same fic!!!  I only have like one more scene to write!!!! Amazing!!!!

Wtf what did they want you to do what are birthday parties at the community center even like???  Do they go swimming??? Do the children exercise on the machines???  Do they summon satan?? We just don't know!!!  You should have your birthday there I think that would be a good idea.

Maybe your phone is also possessed oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow they released a 40 second trailer for the TASM 2 video game I didn't actually know they were making one so I guess that is exciting because I really liked the first game but um the trailer is not very exciting because it's like 10 seconds of intro stuff and then 20 seconds of shots of New York City and then like 5 seconds of Spider-Man just hanging upside down and then swinging and then 5 seconds of ending stuff so that doesn't really tell me anything.  I read today that it's going to have something to do with Spider-Man tracking down Uncle Ben's killer which could be cool I guess although I really like how in the first movie he just doesn't ever find him.  Then again this probably means he won't ever try to track him down again in a movie sequel and these games are a separate continuity anyway so I guess that's good.

Speaking of TASM 2 trailers that darn leaked TASM 2 trailer from comic con will not go away.  I haven't watched it but I keep seeing links to it and I really don't want to watch it until they actually release it and I can watch it in good quality.  When will that be we just don't know.  Probably next month idk.

Very good news!!!!! It seems like SSM will be ending around March of next year!!! That is if Slott isn't just being a huge troll which actually is a possibility but yeah it's probably ending that's so goos!!!!  I mean it's not like people haven't predicted that Peter would come back in time for TASM 2 coming out but it's just good to have some confirmation that it's actually happening.  That is still so many month away though but I'm really happy about it idk like I said I need to catch up on SSM anyway but bleh it makes me so angry to read but I just want to know what's happening

Beep beep

Okay time for the game.

*I wish I could buy milk to make tea but I won't have time to drink it all before fall break and I don't want to leave it in my room over the weekend darn it all.
*It was too cold and windy and wet for me today because like that's fine when you can stay indoors and be warm but I had to keep going outside and I kept getting wet and I felt this whole day like I couldn't get warm at all it was just a bad feeling
*The dumb guy in my Latin class will not leave me alone!!!!!  He makes the most annoying face when he doesn't know something which is all the time and I hate him so much please get away from me stop talking to me!!!!

*Got a free juice box

Too lazy to put piccies so that's all have a nice day!!!

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