Tuesday, October 8, 2013

enter: dr. goat

Hey gs!

Wb Gob!!!

We were gonna have a special memorial day for you but now that you're back alive we don't need to do that I guess so tyt

Yeah wow Mom is not good at being feminist a lot of the time she needs jesus

Aw g how did I heck up the game???

Fall con is just this magical place you don't understand.  There's so much comic book stuff I don't need to buy it all to enjoy that plus it's nice to be surrounded by people that share your interests plus I could not have gotten all those comics for as cheap as I did there like really.  Anyway I had a great weekend this was already established why are you questioning me?

By the way I read Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #1 (the comic I bought for myself at the comic book store) and it was SUPER GREAT OMG but I'm gonna try to write about it in my next post because I don't want to turn on a light and I can't look at the comic in the dark to remember things to say about it.

Also I watched the third ep of Agents of SHIELD that was on today and it was p good I guess no one else is gonna watch this show so I'm not gonna do the spoilers thing so sorry if you were planning to watch it and you accidentally read the stuff I'm about to say

*Ooh I definitely knew that guy was going to become Graviton but yeah I like it when they create supervillains!  Though it makes me a little bit uncomfortable that like they created this super power supervillain like Graviton's usually a big deal but they don't really have any superheroes in this show like what are they gonna do??? Those little guys who will save them they need Thor!!! Or someone who can stick to walls and knows a lot about science wink wink
*Haha when Fitz was talking about the monkey wow he's so small
*I'm the most interested in Melinda's story of everyone's.  I hope there is an episode soon that really focuses on her.
*They are trying to make me emotional about Ward and his brothers or whatever but it's not going to work!!! Although I didn't get a little emotional about Skye aw g
*Does Coulson always have to wear a suit like really???

Well that's all I can think of right now.

Oh hey g I left my cup thing at home I think so if it's there can you just like dump the water out and keep it safe for me?  I don't want it to sit full of water for two weeks please

Okay time for the game.

*I didn't like waking up this morning
*I felt very cold today even though it was that cold outside idk
*I accidentally read an extra module of my psych textbook than I needed to

*I had a p good turkey sandwich
*I didn't have that much homework to do
*I read a really great comic
*I watched a p good episode of Agents of SHIELD

Okay well have a nice day!!!

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