Sunday, October 6, 2013

tall cats with feelings

heyy gs!!!!!!

i am not dead!!!

blehhh sorry i missed the last couple posts though...i've just been super busy and stressed and i kept forgetting because like i just have had so much to do that i haven't been able to keep anything straight in my mind.  things are getting better this upcoming week though and i think i've caught up in almost all my work.

okay the game sounds good but i have a question about it though.  should we included things in the negative and positive lists that we already mentioned earlier in our post?  for now at least i'll just do that even if it does make the post a bit repetitive.

-i didn't get much work done today even though i had the house all to myself the whole day
-i'm dreading waking up early tomorrow

-i slept in until 11
-i got to just relax all of the day
-i watched the 3rd to last episode of orange is the new black.
-i had really yummy lentil soup for dinner.
-i had snickers ice cream.
-i am not dead

wow today was actually mostly positive rather than negative!!

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