Friday, October 4, 2013


heyyy g(s)



are there any gobs out there???????????????????????????

what the absolute heck where could he be he didnt say he was going anywhere i dont think and i dont know why he could have not posted three times in a row??




goblin king??????????????

bleh well

well mom and noah have been watching agents of shield i think so maybe you can talk abt it w them

oh wow yeah also buffy has a million problems w it in addition to the racism but yeah i still enjoy it. although if we really liked it we woulda finished it................................jj. anyway i

wait i stopped in the mdidle of that sentence like 6 hours ago and now i dont remember what i was going to say and im too tired to finish it anyway oh well

yeah i guess inbd mostly. liek you will be here over my bday weekend right and i dont have to work on my bday and the day after so yeah!!!!

oh nice negative day u had. wow you should get rid of that yucky rapist guy. i hate him.

ok well what else

im just gonna play that fun game again. i guess i could say some positive things too maybe perhaps

*last night i put banana nut crunch on the list and i was so excited to wake up and eat it but dad didnt get it and then i was left like really prepared to eat it but i didnt have it. so then i thought everything i could eat would taste like dirt. so then my next choice was waffles cuz i was prepared for breakfast food i guess even though it was lunch time but dad didnt get maple syrup
*i woke up to find out that gob is dead or
*it was so busy at work that i wanted to die and like i was the only one there and there was a bday party and it was almost impossible to do the party and the other stuff at the same time. at least a guy helped out but i still wanted to die and also omg there were 25 ppl at the party and theres usually like 8-10 and i hated them so much they were so frickin annoying and also messy
*last night i finished a show that was so sad so i wanted to die all day. i guess thats not actually bad but
*i didnt get to go and get para

*it looks like noah baked a cake and its this yum cake that he made a few weeks ago and i loved so that was nice to come home to and icqcme to eat it
*para will be home in probably a few mins!!!!
*last night i finished a show that was so sad so i wanted to die all day
*my kitties

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok bye

gob please post on thegoblog :(

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