Thursday, October 10, 2013

all my love is for chickens

heyyyyyyyyy gs

yqw gob!

well para you hecked up the game because it was supposed to be mostly like "say negative things about your day" and you can say a few positive things if you really want and i guess its not that any more but you still just really hecked it up and that was a really bad day so idgi even

alright buddy i was just curious you dont need to be defensive or anything calm yourself

ok g i took care of your cup thing for you dwai

*well last night i brought home a donut and put it on the counter and this morning someone found it on the floor in the dining room
*i found out that im gonna have to work or volunteer work every day next week including sunday (but not saturday) and i really didnt want that. i guess thats not that relevant to today but it still made a bad mood out of me
*it was really warm

*noah bought me a new donut!
*and lemonade
*we got pizza from the good pizza place for din
*my friend sent me a nice message
*someone left candy on our front step
*it was probably hawkeye who dragged or carried my donut on to the floor and its kind of small to imagine her doing that and none of it was eaten so she prob wanted to play w it. or at least it seems small now that i have a new donut

wow i kinda hecked up the game a lil


hob out

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