Sunday, October 27, 2013

my own personal cat

hey gs.

wow it seems it is almost like a trend now now where i'll have a really bad post and then a good post for my next one.  hopefully that will not be a continuing trend though...

well the trend will continue this one time to have a bad post followed by a good post but the trend will end with this good post.

okay so first of all let me explain why i was so annoyed at my suitemates on thursday.  so the guy that is in the room across the hall from me has really crappy speakers that make the bass sound really loud on every single song and he blares loud, annoying rap music all the time.  even that still is annoying i've gotten kind of used to that since i can just block it out with my music or just go somewhere else.  what is really annoying is the specific thing that happened on thursday.  so even though my suitemates never ask me if it would disturb me if they blare loud rap music i thought i would be polite and nice and ask them if it was okay for me to practice clarinet in my room with the piano accompaniment recording on my speakers.  and they were like, "yeah that's totally fine."  ten minutes into my practice they started blaring loud music like they had no fucking idea at all that it would disturb me and like they had absolutely no clue i was trying to concentrate on practicing.  so i got really pissed and i tried to just play loudly and turn up the piano accompaniment louder but i could still hear the stupid rap music.  and like it's not even really the fact that they were rude enough to blast music while i was practicing that bugs me the most.  it's the fact that they had absolutely no idea how shitty and inconsiderate they were being to me and they didn't even mention it at all like they had done absolutely nothing wrong.  i probably should have just went up and asked if they could turn off the music when they first started but it just really pissed me off that they would have the nerve to do that in the first place and it just made me in a really bad mood.

oops i did not mean to rant that long...haha sorry.

okay well after writing that super long wall of text i will just write some short  and random observations:

  • this is turning out to be a pretty long post actually
  • i hope it isn't too boring for anyone
  • thanksgiving is like a month away!
  • i should mention halloween is even closer but that's kinda obvious and tbh i don't really care much about halloween this year
  • we should try to have gcs at least like on the weekends more often
  • i just rarely use gmail now since all my important email goes to my school email
  • are we going to see a movie at tg again this year?
  • how about a murder mystery?
  • how about a talent show? haha jj.  
  • i think there might be a good chance nathan, kassandra and miriam will come to tg next year because nathan thinks he probably will have quit his job at best buy by then!


  • i slept in later than i wanted to
  • my practice sessions weren't very efficient and i didn't get as much done as i wanted to in them 
  • i had the house to myself most of the day
  • i listened to some really great new music
  • it is starting to really feel like fall and the whole atmosphere of outside is really nice right now
  • i had really good pizza for dinner

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