Monday, December 30, 2013

this is a chicken

heyyyyy g(s)

this is hob

ok here it is my last post of 2013!!!!! i guess gobs post of 2013 was many days ago. and his last breath of 2013 and of ever. awwww g. ok but idek what this is why isnt he posting what could he excuse possibly be????? dang it all to the depths of heck

ok well we still have one more post in this year but im just gonna say some stuff for next year. ok since gob never said what he wants to do for next year im just  gonna decide for him that we're gonna continue taking turns posting every day. here will be our order:

and our game will be favs/unfavs of 2013

ok para lets watch tasm again

nice talking about comics time. i could do that but i dont want to

ok thats..............all i have to say to para.......................

bleh i dont want my last post of the year to be a suck post!!!!!!!!!!!!

at least this isnt the very last post of the year so we will have to hope para has a really great post

hmm in my last post of 2012 i made a list of things i will do when my computer is fixed so i'll do that again haha

except this is things i'll do when i have a new computer

*download and listen to a lot of jamz
*watch some movies and shows
*make a fanmixes

that is almost the same list as last time

um my last post of 2011 was like we had given up on the blog and me and para were doing some relating songs to spn and then arguing about our interpretations thing so.

in my last post of 2010 i just posted some badly photoshopped stuff

ok well that was completely worthless

oh i guess im apparently watching breaking bad. but im watching it w some big glugs so it will prob take two years to watch

in my first post of this year it was a suck post and i said the movies i wanted to see this year and they were
*john dies at the end which i completely have forgotten to watch
*star trek which was a suck movie
*ender's game which i no longer want to see


well well well today was a piece of garbage

alright this is hopeless

heres something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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