Friday, December 20, 2013

the goat lives!

Hey gs!!!!!

Okay sorry I didn't post but I'm just going to write this post after midnight and then post it.  Gob, you should still post today.


Okay well the reason I didn't post was that today (yesterday) was such a crazy day.  Because I had my last final exam in the morning and then after that I was getting ready to go and then driving home and then we saw Thor 2 and we didn't even get back until after midnight so.

Well I'm pretty tired and we're going xmas shopping tomorrow but I will try to write this post before I go to sleep.

Idk why Molly's parents were visiting her right before winter break I think it was to see her choir concert but wow that doesn't seem normal to me

Yeah nice jamz.  I didn't have a ton of jamz but I had 22 at least so that's an amount

Aw g I have never even heard of google play before tbh

Haha yeah that child abuse tree was something else

That is one of the reasons I want to unfriend him.  The list goes on and on really

Tyt about my list. Aw g that is really glug about you having to work :(

Yeah note cards wouldn't really have worked for that exam.  That chart I made was to help me make connections between the authors and like remember the differences and similarities and such

Same I wish you and Gob could post more comic pics.  Well Gob probably could tho but he isn't :(

Yeah doing the same thing next year sounds good tho maybe we could switch up the order??? idk

Why the heckie were you even having fettuccine alfredo tho????

I will try to write that darn candy fic I guess

Yeahhhh smore bars!!!!

Nice packages!!!!

Nice dinner!!!

Um okay now I'm gonna read what Hob said about Thor 2 all those weeks ago and respond to it!!!!!

*yay Thor!!!!
*yay Jane!!!!!
*yay Sif!!!!!
*yay Darcy!!!!!!!!!!!
*yay Heimdall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*yay Thor's hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*yay that one scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*the smallest cuties!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*yeah hahah bc remember me when I saw that part wow
*haha wow I didn't even think about it like that I was kind of thinking about it as Loki just objectifying Sif but it's way better if you think about it as him objectifying Thor haha
*yeah haha the cap part was my fave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*yeah brothies!!!!!! esp the part where they were flying the ship that was cuuute
*yeah dang sif and jane don't interact that much but that just makes it so much more clear to me that they would be good together bc you can even tell from just their small amount of interactions.  But I didn't even think about how they actually probably met in the first movie when Sif comes to rescue Thor but you don't even see them interact I don't think.
*yeah that was a p small guy!!! I wonder what will happen to him!!!!
*yucky birds
*tbh Loki wasn't in it THAT much like it could have been worse I guess???? Bleh why did the end have to have Loki tho why couldn't he have died
*I love Thor also
*We all love Thor
*We hate Loki
*yeah his hair!!!! Haha my fave thing is how his hair has gotten progressively longer throughout all three movies.  Mewonders what his hair will be like in the next movie.....
*Well I'm still glad I didn't read those before I saw the movie they would have still spoiled me an amount.

Well I probably have other things to say about the movie but I'm too sleppy so I'll wait for next time.

But wait I probably have other things to say....

Oh yeah please view this magazine cover featuring MJ staring at Spider-Man.
Okay it's not actually MJ it's the actress who was supposed to play MJ in TASM 2 but still!  PeterMJ!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah I was also going to say that they cast some guy to play Ant-Man I don't really know anything about him but dangit it's still not clear to me whether he will be playing Hank or Scott sooooo

Okay tbh I don't care that much but I reaaaally want Jan to be in it.

Okay I can probably find something for the game

Awww dang Thor's hat wasn't in that move we saw haha

Okay have a nice day!!!!

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