Monday, December 9, 2013

patron chicken

heyyyy gs

welp my computer is not working right now wtf but im not gonna let that blunder my posting this month so it just might take a while to write this post but thats ok cuz i dont really have to do anything today. bleh my biggest regret is i didnt put my comics on my kindle. maybe noah can do it

haha gob i remember you showing us that homestar thing at cc one time but i didnt reallyget it.

ok g well your post started out strong but then you blew it so it was a little better than your last post but not really the best.

oh ok para i didnt know bubs game frm wolverine. yeah i dont think bub is for u. maybe you could make kabobs on your claws to be like wolverine instead

well yea idk if ill want to get stuff frm the comic store or what but i will not mind goin there w my lil g!!!!

yea itd be more better to watch tasm at night anyway so we'll have to see if mom will go for that

wow dang that art looks so dif frm in what im readin. that petermj tho..............

oh yea its tru theres a big difference between like a writer "confirming a chararacter is queer" and actually showing real evidence of that in the work in which they appear so yea. i didnt really kno what was the case but at least this guy said the thing while theres still a chance t put this into the comics unlike ummm that dumbledore incident for example bleh.

ok but it seems like thats the only spiderman shirt u wear idk

g i dont think we ever finished xtreme xmas trees tho...........................

tyt for solving all my petermj problems for me!!!!! wow hold up didnt you give me up to like amazing spider-man #40??? and mj shows up in #42 what the heck

g you didnt even get a hot dog that time you came to the community center

yea spiderman looks really small in his hat n scarf all bundled up. and some others do

omg that lil vid you showed us!! i hope santa brings you spiderman for xmas

aw g thats weird and bad that you felt like you were gonna faint. ya prob shoulda eaten a thing

ok g write that fic but first write your candy fic!!!!! dang i have not eaten my mj  where is it.......

cool trailer thoughts. dang it all to heck i didnt kno mj was in that thing. ill have to watch it again to spy her. idk what it tells me but its reminding me that she coulda been in that movie and now i want death to come to us all

nice comic panels g!!!! espesh the petermj ones. tyt for not spoilerin me. omg those little bubs

omg nice piccies!!!!!!!!!!!! espesh........all...............of them. wow that xmas sweaters one!!!!!!!!!! that aint a monstrosity its so beautiful

omg that last one that dang mj jus snuck her way in there wow that pic is about the cutiest thing ive ever seen help me im dying

but i lov all those darn pics. i hope i will see some more in your next post

ok well obv i cant post any comic pics so i have two phots today w/e

well i finally remembered to take a snow pic and it was at a really beautiful time of day that i remembered:

and heres what i made for dinner. lol i feel like im always showin pics of stuff i made or am eatin but personally i like lookin at pics of ppls food so whatev

ok so this wasnt my best post but i tried

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