Tuesday, December 3, 2013

21 chickens

heyy gs

ok i posted a post this morning and now heres my other one. im not gonna delete the post so jus go read that first. tho now that i think about it i coulda just edited it but too bad. well anyway its tonight and i have internet now. cool.

well now i dont feel the best dang it. not like sick but just like a girl who doesnt feel her best. oh well

the most bad thing is i wanted to eat my sloppy joe and lemonade but now i dont feel like it but i still want it. i guess i'll have it for lunch tomorrow

yeah i am so dang bum bum bummed that tgivin is over. wow. its like its the best part of your year and you look forward to it for so long and then its over. at least i actually got to enjoy it this year unlike last year where i was sick and so the whole year was basically worthless because i didnt get my best part of it. well we should try to have a cousin camp or somethin. i think bad robot was sayin something about us all going a place this summer idk but doubtful that it will actually happen. but somethin should happen.

well at least all isnt lost bc we still have christmas time after tgivin

wow i didnt kno u gs watched tasm at tgiving. when was that? i think i'll probably watch it over paras winter break idk

haha gob im reading the same comic thing as you!! thats funny. yeah i really liked that page it had a good look to it

wow para that ride sounds like a nightmare. but what if someone was giving you a ride and their friend was with them and their friend was deadpool and he was eatin tacos in the car ???? did you eat your sandwich in the car

those cutie petermjs!!!!!!!!!!

ok now for the next set of posts

well first is mine. should i respond to that. dang it when i posted that we were still at tgiving :(

wait im gonna take the time to say more about tgiving. wow that was a great time omg there was even more food there than i ever could have imagined. that was insane. in a good way. wow i loved that and i loved jus chillin and i loved everything wow i love tgiving

ok gob thats good of you to admit that you are a lazy gob and a bad gobby and all those things that you yourself said and nobody else.

haha that first post that we all wrote together icqcml at. like when i read it over i was in bed and seth was sleeping and i was trying to laugh really quietly but it was so impossible. that song we wrote is a treasure

ok enough of this hm now we're at gob's last post before tgiving. all i ahve to say to it is that 11:30 am gob aint shit compared to 2 am gob

well now the post i really wanted to respond to is this paras post

aw g sorry we didnt see thor 2 at tgivin :( at least me and noah didnt spoil ya i think. well i didnt anyway

haha i dont think anyone brought taboo but we obv had it. that was weird how we just like had it around the whole time and people kept picking it up and playing it not even correctly like not even playing it but just guessing things. ok is there like an expansion thing for that bc at this point we've probably gone through every card like 30 times

yeah para im ngl i didnt want you to have happiness when i couldnt have happiness. this is referring to when i didnt want you to come home until tuesday in case you forgot

i dont recall you ever wearing an spn shirt but ok little buddy

uh you could get into a fandom and then not like the thing really easily bc how can you know that you dont like the thing until you start getting into the fandom what even

tyt for all the comics suggestions!!!!! i guess we've already talked about stuff related to this some so theres not a lot to say but yeah icqcml at the big petermj paragraph and then the teensy sentences for the last ones. but thats fine. well all the things you suggested sound really good and i guess i'll probably have to watch that earths mightiest heroes show wont i. hmmmm when its your winter break do u wanna watch something you havent see or would ya wanna watch that? im fine either way but just wonderin

well i already said tyt for the jamz but tyt again. those were really good jamz idk. thats funny that you thought i knew them all and i knew none. wow that cat jam was probably my best one altho you kno how i said theres another cat jam by the same band? well please whatever you do dont listen to that one or look at the lyrics or anything bc i got that jam and it basically fucked up my life. im not saying this in a joking way ok so please dont do it

the dessert was...............wait now i forget but w/e wow there were so many frickin desserts there awwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah

well i dont feel comfortable making a petermj fanmix until i kno more about them

we talked about loki at din bc i think it was the day after we saw thor 2 and mom asked how it was and then blah blah blah loki and then mom said something about loki and math which was the worst possible thing that could be talked about. please let me have died

sorry g i didnt think about that you'd have to scroll past the thor spoilers to get to gob's post bc like when i am scrolling i see gob's post and then yours so idk it didnt occur to me. but to tell you the truth the stuff i said wasnt that spoilery i dont think but ok. but probably dont read it anyway bc i dont wanna be responisble for spoilering ya if theres anything in there yu didnt wanna kno

really nice vid g!!!!!!!!!! its so beautiful!!! well mine is still un-started

haha beautiful photos of yourself

nice drawings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really like that your response to dum fanboys sayin a dum thing about gwen and mj is to draw a cutie pic of them!!!!! also i lvoe your petermj pic!!!!!! wow those lil babies

ok thats the stuff. wow now im feeling better??? that was unexpected. i guess......i'll...........eat my dinner after all???

wow im p happy w my work sched for this month bc im gonna be home for dinner most days!!!!!! i love dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! theres no place like home for the dinner. also i only have to close 6 times this month awwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeah. ok sometimes my job is really good like where else is a place thats closed on christmas eve. even the rest of the community center is open that day so

i have to pee so much but its cold out of this room

ok so the comics i started w are puny parker and avengers volume 4. omg that puny parker please just kill me. ive read the first season so far and im savin the rest for another day. actually i read it yesterday. avengers i p good so far too. tho heres  some philosophical questions:

*why isnt steve bein captain america
*why is iron man's words in red-ish
*whats all these words at the end of every issue? am i supposed to be readin them cuz i dont wanna
*why is oldy hulk like this regular guy but the hulk

haha oldy hulk looks so funny tho

dang i hope none of that spoilered gob. idk how far he is

blah there was gonna be a fanmix in this post but the internet stopped workin yesterday in the middle of when i was tryna get my fanmix together so it not done

its not a fanmix anyone will care about tho so dont get too excited

im jus gonna play the game

aw gs puny parker hates all gobs:

yeah i already said that i read that yesterday but i havent had a time to read any comics today so thats good enough

and heres my breakfast from this mornin. that muffie was so good i cant even tell you


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