Saturday, December 14, 2013

kidney cat!

heyy gs

sorry for not posting last time!!!  i just completely forgot about it in my stressing over finals.  but the good news is i'm on winter break now!!!!!!!

okay i'm starting this post at 9 pm so i shouldn't feel rushed doing this post!

here is a nice big list of all the stuff i can't wait to do over break:

-read the books i got as gifts at tg
-read a book my dad gave me for a gift
-read some comics
-write some new music
-learn to use this music/programming software called max/msp
-watch tv shows
-listen to music
-download some new music
-stay up late a lot
-sleep in a lot
-eat a lot of great food

wow that is really cool that there is going to be a venom movie and a sinister six movie coming out.  it will be interesting to see how they turn out as super-villain movies because there haven't been a lot of those really so far.  like i guess the closest thing there has been are anti-hero movies but still.

wow yeah we should try to have a gc again sometime soon!  yeah idk why we haven't had one since before tg but maybe we will for sure this next week now that i'm on break.

nice pics para!  i really like the colors/shading and just the general style of the 2nd pic in your post (the one of mj and peter kissing) and i really like the detail on spider-man's costume on the other 2 pics in the post!

nice peter and mj pic hob!

wow also that dinner you cooked looks super delicious!

okay here are some cool jamz i've been listening to recently because they are artists that are playing at this music festival i really want to go to in march.  i doubt i'll be able to go but who knows.  my mom has a really good friend that lives in knoxville so maybe she wouldn't mind driving me down for the festival if she got to spend time with her friend over the weekend.

oh and in case you're curious what the name of the festival is, it is the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee.

okay now time for the game:

this is a picture of a program i am writing in max/msp

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