Tuesday, December 10, 2013

the goat closes!

Hey gs!!!!!

I almost forgot to eat dinner today wow

Aw g what's wrong w your computer????  Yeah try to get Noah to do that for ya.

Yeah haha I remember Gob trying to show us that thing too but we were just not having it sorry little Gob

Doi bc Wolverine is this guy who says bub all the time
Okay I will try to make kabobs on my claws instead.  Also this

Awwww yeahhhhhh me and my big g going to the comic book store!!!!!

Yeah we will have to see.  Though haha if she really does not want to go for that I could watch it twice once w you at night once w mom during the day haha I would not mind that probably

Yeah dang bc you are reading comics from like 2010-ish and the comics that art is from is from 1987.

Same that PeterMJ though dang that height difference doesn't even make sense for their """"official"""" heights like MJ's only supposed to be a lil bit shorter and you can see there she's wearing heels so doi MJ should be about as tall or taller than Pete but whatev

Yeah wow that Dumbledore thing makes me really mad but I guess we'll have to see what that guy does next.  I mean obviously there has been evidence of Deadpool being pansexual before but  since the writer has confirmed it on twitter he should feel perfectly comfortable w confirming it in the comics right???

Well okay tbh I only have like??? three???? Spider-Man shirts and that is the only one that wasn't made for either a man that is a lot bigger than me or a little boy so it's the only one that fits me properly.  Sometimes I do wear the other ones but mostly when I'm out of other shirts to wear or something

Oh yeah I forgot we didn't finish xtreme xmas trees!!!! Daaaaang!!!! Well sorry to say this but we probs won't have time to finish it b4 xmas bummer

Yqw for solving your PeterMJ problems!  So that helped you then???  Um yeah I guess I did but g remember I wanted to give you more but you said that was enough!!!! Bc you said you wanted to start from the beginning??? Idk!!!!

Yeah bc that time I had just had a turkey sandwich so I didn't want a hot dog dang

Yeah wow Spider-Man always looks so cute when he wears like a hat and scarf over his suit like he does that some other times and I just

Yeah I hope my secret stocking person can fit Spider-Man in my stocking!!! Um....wait that sounds kind of.................

Well actually I don't think it was cause I hadn't eaten anything idk because I started to feel better before I even ate anything so????  Also usually that's not the cause of when I feel like I'm going to faint so yeah idk.  Tyt for your concern though

No I didn't mean I was going to write that fic I just meant someone should...... Well maybe I would if I didn't have 39058043985 other fics I want to write.  Aw g my mj is right in front of me staring at me telling me to write that candy fic but

Yeah I guess that is what that shot of MJ in the trailer is also telling me.  I guess it's also telling me that MJ was going to be in a somewhat important scene if they couldn't even manage to cut her out of the trailer so maybe she will be a lil bit in the movie too??  Like maybe just in the background or something??? Idk!!!! Probably not enough that they couldn't recast her for the next movie though bum bum bum

Yqw for not spoilering you.

Tyt about my piccies!!!!

V nice snow!!! I want to be there!!!!  Aw g last night I had a dream that I was home and we were about to go xmas shopping and then I woke up and I was so sad!!!  At least the good thing is that eventually that dream will be a reality and that will be in less than two weeks

Nice dinner!!! Idk what is is though but it looks like veggies!!!!!!

Wow Gob that pic you posted is scaring me.  Bub should be reminding you of Wolverine though who is not scary at all

There are a lot of pictures of Wolverine in this post......

Wow Gob I wasn't even taking about the music from the Spider-Man trilogy I wasn't saying the TASM music is better I was just saying I like the music in TASM!!!! Can't I say I like something about that darn movie without someone saying "yeah but trilogy!"???????  But okay since you brought it up, I personally like the music in TASM better.  I'm sorry but the music from the trilogy isn't memorable to me.  Besides, I wasn't just referring to the music by James Horner, I was also referring to the songs by The Shins, Coldplay, and Phantom Planet soooooooooooooo

I do like Hans Zimmer though I think Pharrell Williams is also working on the music so that should be interesting.

Haha I love when my art gets 1 favorite on deviantart bc its like it found its one special person who loves it. It found its soulmate awwww

Wow how do you unfriend someone in real life????

Welp time for the game

Here's a picture called the other day there were some crayons and pictures to color on my floor and so I colored this one to be PeterMJ

Okay also I didn't just recently read these comics but here's two winter/xmas themed variant covers that I really like

This one for Amazing Spider-Man #700

And this one for Avengers #24

Okay piccie time!!!!!!!!!

This is MJ and her pet spider

And this is supposed to be TASM PeterMJ I guess

And this is sleppy PeterMJ!!!!!! Okay the story here is that Peter is out really late fighting bad guys and MJ can't sleep knowing he's out there bc he might be hurt or worse and she's really tired but she just can't sleep until he comes home and then finally Peter comes in through the window while MJ is checking the Daily Bugle tumblr haha and he's really sleppy and shes really sleppy and they just look at each other and Peter's like "I'm sorry" and MJ's like "hi sorry I'm sleppy" haha

Uh oh my milk's going to expire tomorrow!!! Better drink it all before midnight haha.  I'm not even joking though I'm going to go drink the rest of my milk now have a nice day!!!

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