Friday, December 13, 2013

if this be goat!

Hey gs!!!

Wow Molly's parents were just in my room.  That was weird.

I'm still so cold from spending like half an hour scraping ice off of my friend's car and then eating a ton of ice cream and then running through the snow. Also I'm so full from eating the Blizzard which I couldn't even finish wow

Wow why didn't Gob post???? Maybe he's dead again???????????

Goos now I will be home in less than a week!!! How I am getting home is I am getting a ride with someone hopefully Thursday afternoon.

That's a bummy about your comp but that's a goosy about your music!  Bleh I need more jamz for the ride home but I don't have any time to find them this is a disaster

Aw g well comics are so important they are worth downloading a thing for

Well I don't actually want to talk like Wolverine I just wanted to try saying bubs to see if that was fun.  It was a lil bit fun but it didn't work for me I guess.  If I wanted to talk like Wolverine I'd have to talk in a growly voice probs.  Yeah that is a really beautiful kabobs pic

Okay well even if mom won't take us maybe we could take ourselves who knows

I guess we could try to make xtreme xmas trees a priority.  How much do we even have left of it though?

Well bub I didn't know you wanted to start with the comic where MJ comes in bc you said you wanted to start form the beginning

Yeah doi the point to going to the comm center that time was to see my g!! But just throwing this out there most people don't have gs that work there so what's the point for them???

Uh I don't feel like I'm going to faint a lot dwai.  Just like....when there's needles going into me......or when I think about that happening sometimes.......or when I don't eat for like two days..............

Aw g but what if I eat the mj and t hen I don't feel inspired at that moment then I'm doomed

Yeah I'm not saying we will see MJ in the movie I'm just saying it's a possibility idk. Blehhhhh imagine if they hadn't cut her out then we might be seeing like MJ actually in the trailers saying stuff and being awesome and wowwwwwwww

Doi it is not the snow I want it is the place I want to be home wtf.  Yeah but imagine waking up from that dream and it's Monday morning and you have to go to class.  Also you have three finals ahead of you and other stuff. That is not what you want. The moral of the story is I'll be home for christmas if only in my dreams

Um yeah I definitely want to go to the maplewood mall and the comic book store. Wow I have not been to the world market in foreeeeevs so yeah I guess I want to go there too!  But are you saying we cannot go to all of those places???

Yeah that is the guy I would like to unfriend.  I do not want him in my life anymore wow

Tyt about my PeterMJ coloring

Variant covers are like alternate covers for comic books that they have. Imo a lot of times they are better/more interesting than the regular covers so yeah

Tyt about my pics!!!!

Wow that is an amazing story!!! If I lay here if I just lay here will mom come in and ask me what I want from panera too????

I'm never at work and don't listen to the radio so no that has never happened to me

Next week for me will start out bad and then probably get better from there. Okay Monday will probably be the worst because I will be studying for my American lit final all day.  Then Tuesday I have my American lit final but then after that it will be over so that will be a bit better.  Then after that I just have my psych final on Thursday so I won't be as stressed probably so Wednesday I will study for that and then on Thursday is my psych final and then I go home and then on Friday shopping yay!!!!

Nice lil PeterMJ. Though yeah I remember the other one being better bc MJ's mouth was more like a lil heart and she didn't have a baldy spot on her head and I think Peter's mask didn't look such a mess

Whose xmas tree is that even???


Okay here it is

I'm gonna tell you what I think now:
*Eeeeee the part when he's on the ceiling and trying to get his suit off and when he's under the covers eeeee that's really small!!!!!
*WOw when he stops the bus and the people chanting Spidey I'm so emotional!!!!!!!!!
*I like when people have plans for him.....
*If he's not going to call Electro Sparkles then what's the point?
*When he says "need a hand" it's so weird bc he sounds so much like Spider-Man I mean he is Spider-Man but idk he just has the inflection of how Spider-man would say that so perfectly wow
*Wowwww the part I really don't like is when Peter webs Gwen to the car to stop her from coming with him.  That is really not cool man I mean I love Spider-Man but if he did that to me I'd be so pissed. First of all she's going to be stuck there for like an hour and second of all in the words of a very wise woman (it's MJ) he should respect her enough to let her make her own decisions. Though I do like how Gwen calls out Peter when he runs away.  I'm not saying he deserves to have his secret identity revealed for doing that buuuuuuuut....
*Hmm also one thing about the new suit is that yeah it looks really beautiful and comic accurate but it also looks less realistic than the one from the first movie I guess idk I still really like it though

Well all in all I'm really really excited!!!!! But..... I hope they don't release too much more footage.....Because I probably won't be able to stop myself from watching it and I don't want to be spoiled too much more for this movie!!!!!

Well I had my first final today.  Who knows how it went.  There is really no way of knowing.

Please view this very special traditional holiday video

Okay it's time for the game

Here's a pic of my neighbor's door!!!
Haha well that is important bc I just realized I have annoying neighbors named Candy and another sort of rhymy name and guess who else does???

Okay but that is not the panel I want to show you kids tonight.

I need to show you this because undercover Wolverine and Spider-Man with Spider-Man wearing a false mustache and a bear sweater is so important.
Haha okay that's all have a nice day!

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