Friday, December 6, 2013

no chicken in the wild

heyyyyyyyy gs

or bubs. why are we bubs? are you gonna eventually shorten it to bs? wait that looks like its bullshit haha

ok cool trailer i guess. i agree w what gob said about the cgi stuff. especially at the part when theres a big explosion and spiderman in slo mo wow

my fav part is hmm i like the music in the first 30 seconds

ok thats really all

its hard for me to say when i havent even seen the first movie

wow gob i really like that photo you took it looks so beautiful. yeah we got several inches of snow the other day so that was somethin. i hated driving in it so much i wanted to die and i prob almost died 100 times

ok para well now we have two extra posts so far. yeah it sucks that december is usually such a glug month for our blog when its like one of the months you most wanna look back on usually. at least i do. but i dont think we'll have a prob this month lol. wow this has maybe been our most successful year so far, at least in terms of quality of posts. i did not see that coming bc we did not start out v strong but we really stepped up our games awwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaa.

hahahahaha icqcml at that thing you said about how we only talked about tgiving in november yea im gonna say thats not especially normal. ok tbh tgiving is actually a p shitty holiday just like most american holidays but wow its the best time of year idec. wow so now theres less than 2 weeks until you come home how amazing!!!!!! alright heres a list of things i wanna do over ur break!!!

*christmas shoppin
*goin to lunch
*goin to the comic book store
*playin w the cards
*jus chillin
*watchin a thing
*watchin an amount of movies

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa

ok im here for cc at sdcc!!!

well i a lil bit can qcme for tasm with my bub too!! actually yesterday mom said she wants to watch it w us so thats somethin

idk why i started w the avengers. its just somethin that happened. yea tbh spider-man is p small in it like idk everyones going about things and then hes just this lil guy poppin up (or poppin down frm the ceiling) and sayin small things. ok another thing is this thing is makin me ship tony/steve a lil even tho theyre jus arguing a bunch but wow its clear to me that they really wanna b makin out

let us see an example of this guys early art

oh ok. carpooling w hawkeye and deadpool sounds like a time. wait speakin of deady i heard a guy confirmed that hes pansexual or somethin so thats p cool. thats not old news right? now we need to hear about spider man probably

aw g thor will understand :( do you think it will still be in theaters when you get home? if it is i promise i'll take you to it the very night you get here if you want. even if its snowy

yeah g i do kno every shirt you wear:
*that t-shirt that used to be mine thats like black w colorful words and peace symbols and stuff
*that zombies one
*that striped one w a hole in it
*that muse one
*that spider-man tank top


oh yea we can def watch sleppy hollow! i havent seen the last two eps so maybe i'll save those. and yeah we can watch both o those shows prob. tho i also wanna watch a lot of movies but that will be fine. ok now im gonna list the movies i wanna watch:
*the true story of puss 'n boots doi
*the wolverine
*maybe some other x-mens idk
*maybe some other marvels idkkkk
*maybe that one that icr the name of but it has mbj and i saw it when u saw the wolverine
*'twas the night

ok we dont have to watch all those but thats we also have to watch our good christmas specials like spongebob wow we will better get busy!!!!!

g please do not look up that cat jam like if i told u i saw a sad cat movie u would not wanna go n watch that right so its the same thing please dont do it like i wasnt saying about it to make you curious but as a warning ok im not gonna say anything more about it bleh blah blooh

idk what that particular dessert was sorry g

yeah but idk like i dont wanna read just certain comic issues w petermj in them but i also dont wanna like go through and read every single spider-man comic so i dont really kno how i can get sum petermj in me ???

well i was tryna make that vid but you gave me none advice about how to convert the vids so i was lost

wow yea he def looks more like andrew garfield than tobey magirdjkl. especially in those pics you showed but also jus in general prob. altho the only thing is that in i think the thing cm was lookin at  he looked really old in that and tobes looks really old altho he looked even older so thats the only thing. wow were any of those pics in your post NOT drawn after andrew garfield was cast cuz they all look so much like him

yea theres truly no point in goin to the community center if theres no snacks. so never go there between 6 am and 10-ish am or 8 pm and 10 pm bc theres no snacks then either. wow thats another thing good about workin at the snacks tho is that its not open as early or as late. actually i realized theres snacks always bc theres vending machins but there sure isnt any hot dogs

tyt for your philosophical answers. that really cleared things up.

haha yea you might have to make that fanmix about the book. but that happens to me where i hear one song that really fits w some thing and then i need to make a fanmix for it and its like ok buddy calm yourself you dont really need to do that

cool teaser trailer things

nice photos!! haha that one of ya eatin a meatball!!!

wow those comic panels!!!!!!!! those petermjs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omg ok the other day i was watchin a vid and there was a guy in it and i was like dang that guy has a p good look to him and then i noticed his name is nat wolff and i was like haha like the naked brothers band and turns out thats the same guy so dang............

ok why did we have a gc like every day before tgiving but after tgiving we havent had any

also its crazy that we actually posted every day when we were at tgivin

alright u know what its been a year since my laptop stopped working just please kill me

alright im jus sayin things

noahs a fool

cats are great

wow speaking of trailers there came out a trailer the other day for evangelion 3.33 the dub and its so great omg even tho
a) the dub is garbage
b) ive already seen that movie
c) it needs more kaworu cuz like is him and shinji's relationship not the focus of the movie come on

but other than that what a great trailer. what a great movie. if i hadnt already seen it i would want to see it. jk i really want to see it again. jus not the dub pls

wowwwwwwwwww i think i heard that they killed that kevin guy on spn dum. dum. dum. another poc and/or woman bites the dust

ok i didnt read any comics to day dang me to heck. ummmm heres somehin frm the other day

ok that is really something literally everyone is stnading there waitin for them to please god press their kissers together. or rip each others heads off but still what even

waait frick that could spoil gob. nah thats not really anything

bleh i keep meanin to takea sno pic when its light but i never remember until its dark.well heres another thing

sweet merciful god just why


thats my little post

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