Friday, December 27, 2013

chicken of the world

heyyyyyyyyy gs

this is hob on paras account again

ok im really confused. gob didnt post again why is that? and he started a post an amount of days ago but he never posted it??? and hes posting even less over his winter break than he did when he was in school?????? and we're trying not to let our posting quantity and quality go downhill this month?????????????


greeting cards have all been sent, the christmas rush is through

bum bum bum

ok i was just sayin i was planning on posting a pic of my petermj cookie and i was telling EVERYONE that i made it

idk g the music in it was blah to me. and i do not recall the music during the cranes part. yea my favorite part was him stuffing his face but like my favorite thing about the movie was....whatever the heck i said. tho the more i think about the movie the more i like it. i might wanna watch it again hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

this keyboard is so nice sounds

well tbh babies would bring me less christmas spirit. that sounds so blah idk

those small thors and spidermen

NICE VID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as ive already said but. ok my fav part is the part where mj sees that peter is spiderman. i just wow.

yea are last xmas posts have been p glug. 

cool prezzies!! heres what i got. tho im just saying it from memory here:

*1q84 by haruki murakami
*a winter's tale by mark helprin
*figuring transcendence in les miserables by kathryn m. grossman
*captain america blankie
*spider-man/mary just hit the jackpot
*saga volume 1 and 2
*a subscription to vegetarian times
*boot cover things
*an amazon gift card (in my stockie)
*candy (in my stockie)

i think thats all!!!!!!!!!!!

nice pics!!!!!! my fav one is def that hawkeye w her mouse toy one omgggggggggggggggggggg

and nice sim pics!!!! my fav is peter thinkin bout mj and mj thinkin bout food

and nice lil comic pic!!!!!!

darn now i need to say more stuff prob

bleh i dont wanna work tomorrow

at least only one more day one day break..........................


5 MORE DAYS BEFORE THERE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



bleh im tryna bring back our long posts but i cant think of anything to say. we can only hope that para will have a lot to say in her post!!!!!!

heres some big gs watchin agents of shield

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