Saturday, December 28, 2013

to goat no more

Hey gs!!!

Gob is dead.  That's all there is too it.

Awwwww yeahhhh let's watch tasm again!!!

Tyt about my vid!!!!

Nice prezzies

Tyt about my piccies

Goos it's your break!!!


The prob is that we don't have that much stuff to say to each other bc we can just say it to each other in real life except for Gob but Gob is dead so there's no point in trying to communicate with him.

Okay well here's something that will make this post longer!!!

Let's talk about comics time!!!!!!!!!!

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #2
*Ah such good art
*I like airplanes
*Idk why Shocker looks like that but ok
*I like the safety manual things that's cool
*Haha I wonder what part of Sandman's body Spider-Man is thinking he might be spitting out
*Wow I just remembered I had a dream about Mysterio but I don't remember what it was.  That doesn't really have to do with this comic though except that Mysterio is in this comic and I think my dream was maybe inspired by it but idk
*It doesn't even look like he's wearing a helmet it just looks like he has a flamey head.  What happened to his fishbowl????
*"I've never really lost before" well......I had to break it to you buddy....

Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #3
*Wow isn't going from a plane to a submarine a really bad idea???  Or is that just the other way around?
*Okay so she took his "essence" while he was unconscious to make babies?  I'm p sure that's called "rape"
*Spider-Man ripped out Venom's tongue!!!
*That's cool how the pages look like they are torn but they are not
*Haha when Spider-Man's trying to sneak around Scarecrow and he walks on the couch. Idk why but that's just funny to me.
*"Maybe take out Iron Man or somebody with me" haha
*Um does fixing him mean blowing him up or....

Okay that's all I'm going to do for now.

Here's a beautiful page from Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #3 where Spider-Man rips out Venom's tongue

Sorry that's all.  Have a nice day!

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