Sunday, December 1, 2013

goat wanted!

Hey gs!!!!

Welp I'm back at my dorm now awwwwww g

Bleh my ride back to Morris was really yucky bc the g giving me a ride had her friend with her and so I had to sit in the back and her friend was eating tacos in the car so both of those things were making me nauseated at the same time and also I had to pee a lot for most of the trip and also my jamz were getting p old so I was p bored.

Bleh I don't want to have to go to class tomorrow also.  Well at least there are only less than three weeks until I will be home again so

Hmm okay there isn't much to respond to in this post.

Yeah same I'm sad Tgiving is over.  Well but one good thing about it is the internet is a lot faster here haha

Okay I guess we decided on the game and it is you can either post one pic from your day (like last month) or one panel from a comic you read and say a little thing about it I guess or you can do both.

Okay time for the game.

Here's a v important pic of cozy xmas sweater PeterMJ

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