Sunday, December 22, 2013

in the goat of battle!

Heyyyy gs!!!!

Um there are lots of reason why I want to unfriend that guy idk I don't want to go into it

Idk whens will we have the stuff for smore bars?

Haha I was laughin when I was reading your thoughts bc they were some of the same things I was saying during the movie!!!

Same whens it xmas I want those prezzies

Haha nice piccies!!!

Tyt for saying you will post more comics pic Gob!!! Whens that gonna begin???

Yeah that is the case for MJ I'm afraid.  But you can just pretend that is MJ if you want.  But you have to pretend her hair is more red I guess

Okay well here's some piccies of the cookies we decorated today!!! Idk why they are all sideways tho


Captain America and Iron Man!


Thor and Jane!

Human Torch!


Magneto and Professor X!



PeterMJ heart!!!

More PeterMJ!!!!!!

Um okay let me see

Alright here's a cute PeterMJ page from the 1992 Marvel Holiday Special

Oop this post is p short.  Ah well.  Have a nice day!

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