Thursday, December 12, 2013

stray italian chicken

heyyyyyyyy gs

aw dang gob didnt post. now we're only like one post ahead instead of two. gob what were you thinking????????????????

well first let me say that para is comin home one week frm today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but hows she gettin here

well idk whats wrong w my computer somethin about a disk error blah blah and then i tried to fix it and just made it worse. to be honest idc that much bc im hopefully buying a laptop like next month. also i had thought i lost all my music but then i remembered it was all on google play!!!!!! and it even lets me listen to it on my kindle wow im patting past me on the back for setting that up

an yway ill try gettin noah to give me my comics but i just remembered he might have to download somethin to send them to my kindle so we will see

ok all ive noticed is wolverine says Ain't a lot so you could always try that. haha icqcml at that kabobs pic. like the face hes makin idek he looks like hes really angsting about those kabobs or

well speaking of watchin movies w mom i remembered that she said she wants to see thor  so maybe she will take us on thurs.tho that depends on a lot of stuff but yea.

ok i have to hurry this along

idk g i mean we could try to make xtreme xmas trees a priority like its pretty important so im jus tossing that idea around

yea that was helpful w my petermj problems i...think.....?? well you coulda said hey hob mj shows up jus a few issues later bub and i would have said oh ok

ok well you still went to the comm center w/out getting a hot dog so there must have been a point to goin there besides hot dog

wow how often do you feel like youre goin to faint wtf

ok i ate my mj the other day. it was yummy. maybe if you eat yours you will be inspired for your fic

aw g do you think theres a chance we might see a little mj face in the movie in the background is that what youre sayin? i guess that somethin but not really and yea they could prob still recast her dang it

alright why do you want to be here if theres sno there too? i mean doi you want to be here but what even. aw g i guess it would be a lil sad to wake up from that dream but not that much cuz we're goin xmas shopping a week from tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tho i guess you still have finals in your way so that would prob make that dream worse but yea. ok heres the q tho: where do you wanna go shoppin????????? i kinda wanna go to the maplewood mall but then i also wanna go to like world market and the comic book store so idkkkkkkkkkk

the dinner was winter vegetable medley w paella-style orzo. it was not bad

that lil wolverine!!

idk how you unfriend someone in real life. who do you need to unfriend? i hope its that guy who didnt take you to thor 2

nic petermj coloring!!!!!!!

whats variant covers

that avengers one is so small tho

nice pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that first one is really small omg and the second one i like the style and the third one omg thats my fave its so beautiful and the story that goes w it is so beuaitful and wow their faces please destroy me

omg today i was like jus chillin and wishing i could have panera for dinner and when i was in the middle of doing that mom called asking what i wanted from panera wowwwwwwww

ok are you ever at work and suddenly a song for one of your ships comes on the radio and its like ok im going to die right now. anyway that happend the other day

welp i think next week will be really good cuz on monday im goin to my bookstore and lunch w mom and dad, on thurs para comes home, on fri we're shoppin and hmm other.

alright well heres my petermj from a time ago. i had to redraw it so now its not as good :(

ummmmmmmmmm heres a christmas tree

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