Tuesday, December 31, 2013

the cat fall

heyy gs!  i am not dead!!!!

okay so i accidentally missed a couple days of posting...but i will post enough posts to make up for my lack of posts!  sorry i just kept forgetting with like nathan and kassandra and seth and miriam visiting a lot recently and doing a lot of stuf.

okay well in this post i am going to respond to pretty much everything that i can has that been posted since my last post.  wow so much stuff to respond to!!!!  i am such a big glug for not having posted in awhile...

nice pictures in your post from christmas eve hob!!!!   haha why is in a box that says inspirational? all that food looked super delicious!  especially the chocolate roll!

nice xmas pictures para!  yumm those cinmmaon rolls look tasty.  all these pictures of food in these posts is making me super hungry! D:  haha awesome fort for hawkeye.  we should make a fort for ginny and paulina. dylan looks like he really likes his new bone!  that was cool how in your petermj video you edited so it seemed like it was like andrew garfield and kirsten dunst were in the same movie!  wow that is a lot of spider-man comics!

oh cool hob i'm reading a book by haruki murakami right now.  well actually i was but i stopped reading it to start reading house of leaves and i haven't gone back to the hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world yet.

the order of posts sounds good to me and so does the game but i have a question about the game.  do we have to do both a list of faves and unfaves in either post?  or can we just choose if want to do one or the other or both?

that's cool that you are watching breaking bad hob!!!

i think i repsonded to mostly everything.  if i forgot to respond to anything that i realize later i wanted to i'll either add it to this post or my next one.... okay now that i am done responding to most of everything i am going to post this post and then start on my very last post of 2013!!!

here is a picture of ginny sleeping on my bed:

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