Wednesday, December 25, 2013

the night of the goat




Well Noah won't let me write this post in the family room where its nice and cozy bc he's watching stupido dr who bleh what am I gonna do

Okay here I am.

Meeeeeerry Christmas!!!

Daaaang I only have an hour to write this post.

Hello doi I know you made that PeterMJ cookie I was just posting all the pics of the Marvel cookies that we made hello I didn't make all of those by myself!!!!

Wow idk how anyone could not care for the music but ok.  Wow even the music in the part with the cranes?  Even all the other music?  Wow ok. I thought your fave part was when he was stuffing his face tho.

Maybe we need some babies to bring xmas spirit to everyone else tho idk

Nice piccies!!!

Haha well if I was gonna say two superheroes that like to stuff their faces.........I would probably say Spider-Man and Thor. That's small of them

Okay there isn't that much to respond to and idk what else to say.

Wait I need to put my PeterMJ vid!!!!

Okay here it is!!!! Merry (Jane) Christmas!!!!

Hm okay what else

Dang how do you make a good xmas post?  Idek I'm going to look to the years past for inspiration.
Okay 2012 Gob just talked about that dang baby mostly
Those gs in 2011 didn't even post on this day
And 2010 Hob mostly talked about her prezzies

Well okay I could talk about my prezzies.  I got.....a lot of Spider-Man stuff!!!!

Burr I sure am cold!!! I sure with I could sit by the fire!!!!!! I sure do hate Noah this minute!!!!!

Okay here's Hob to say a thing:
We're so bored! We're so bored! When will Noah's show end? Beep bop beep! PeterMJ! PeterMJ! PeterMJ! PeterMJ! PeterMJ! We're so bored! We're so PeterMJ! Awwww yeah that was it.

Okay Hob said to say all the prezzies I got so here's them:

*Amazing Spider-Man #700.1
*Amazing Spider-Man #700.2
*Amazing Spider-Man #700.3
*Amazing Spider-Man #700.4
*Amazing Spider-Man #700.5
*Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #2
*Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #3
*Spider-Man: Life in the Mad Dog Ward
*Amazing Spider-Man #246
*Essential Web of Spider-Man vol.1
*Spider-Man/Mary Jane:...You Just Hit the Jackpot
*A Spider-Man sweatshirt
*Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Wolverine socks
*A Spider-Man shirt
*Lemon tea!!!!
*A panini maker that was for the whole family

Alright better leave time for the game.

Some family and some xmas

Some prezzies

Yucky boy

Mo showing her new camera holder thingy

Hob showin her new book

Mo showin her new purse

Cinnamon rolls!!!

Hawkeye showin her new mouse toy

Dylan showin his new bone

Dad showin his new hat

Hawkeye realizing the true meaning of xmas

Hawkeye and her new fort

She aint never comin out

My new comics!!!! Haha lots of Spider-Man wow

Okay here's some pics of my sims haha

Here's Peter thinkin about MJ and MJ thinkin about food haha

Here's Peter and MJ goofin around

This is really small bc MJ is flirting with Peter and Peter looks like this little shy guy awww that's small

Okay here's a spread from the 2004 Marvel Holiday Special!!!! If you look to your left you will see really small PeterMJ!!!!

Okay that's all!!!! Merry xmas!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a nice day!!!!

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