Monday, December 16, 2013

goat without warning!

Hey gs!!!!

Yoooooo I have my American lit final tomorrow pls kill me.

I wish it was in the morning but no it's not until 1:30 bleh

Um Molly's parents were in my room bc they were visiting her????  Idk?????

Bc it was a free Blizzard I aint sayin no to that.

Well I will probably be home sometime between 6 and 8..... I am trying to get a better estimate but that's what I know so far.  So yeah possibly that could work we just don't know yet!!!!

Tyt for the jamz!!!!!!!!!

That's goos about your playlists.  If I lost my playlists wow I would be devastated.  I guess if my computer died that would happen so let's hope it won't die any time soon.

Okay you could tell him that.  Or I guess you could wait until I get home and do it on my computer but

Oh okay well then you'll never see which xmas tree is the most xtreme!!! Jk I don't want to finish it either.

Well turns out you might in fact have the first comics with MJ bc I think when I said you had the first 40 that was just a general estimate so idk.  It would probably be hard to find them though in those giant comics.  Um maybe I should try to download better versions of those bc it's super hard to look through those plus I think some of the pages are all messed up

Yeah but I was also home for xmas in my dream too so.  Well but wait you don't know that for sure what if something happened and I couldn't go home for xmas like what if some girls stole a weather machine from Santa and made a giant storm and I couldn't get home that could happen

Yeah well we don't have to go to those all on the same day. Yeah wasn't that place closed for like years???? It seems like so long ago that I was there wowwww it doesn't seem real that I could go there again but here we are

Well that is the same guy that was sleeping on my bed for like 3 hours sooooo

Wow I didn't mean to insult your drawing I mean to compliment your other drawing!!! Jk I a little bit meant to insult it

Yucky doctors

Nice rum balls I guess

Aw g I wish I was on winter break bleh bleh bleh three days bleh bleh bleh

Okay here's my list of some stuff I want to do over winter break:
*Read some comics!!!!
*Write some new fics
*Watch those things with Hob
*Go out to lunch with Hob
*Make some new Marvel cards like an MJ card and some others
*Night sledding!!!
*Read some fics
*Snuggle a cat
*Make some new comics about a cat
*Chill a bunch

Ummm idk how to feel about the Sinister Six and Venom movies.  Like....will they have Spider-Man in them?  How does a movie about villains work anyway???? Do the villains win at the end? Do the Sinister Six achieve their goal of killing Spider-Man?  Does Venom achieve his goal of.....making sweet love to Spider-Man????? The only thing we know for sure is that the reason they are doing this is to keep the rights to Spider-Man away from Marvel so that Marvel will be sad and can't have Spider-Man in the MCU.

Tyt about my pics.

Nice jamz and game and stuff.

Wow an amazing thing happened today where I needed to print a bunch of stuff for my portfolio for creative writing and it turned out I needed to print 26 pages so it would be 130 cents so I dumped out all my change and counted how much I had and I had exactly 130 cents!!!!! That was so crazy!!!!!

Okay sorry this post is not that good but I need to get back to studying so I can slep

Here's a pic of a thing I made 2 help me study ah yes it is so clear

And here's this bc awww bummer I guess Spider-Man doesn't like when Santa gives him to children for xmas

Have a nice day if that's possible for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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