Friday, December 20, 2013

live cat

hey gs, i will still post today!

i will start reading more comics and posting more pictures from them para!

is the actress of mj in a different movie that is coming out in 2014 and it just a coincidence that she is on the same cover as spider-man?

wow yeah doing favs/unfavs of 2013 would have been a really good idea for the game this month.  oh well i still like this game we are doing now.  maybe in this post i will include a best and/or worst list of 2013.

wow i started that part at 9 am but then i had to leave to start getting packed to go to louisville and ever since that i've been busy so i am now returning to this post at 11 pm!

tyt for clearing up what rum balls are!

tyt about my progress on house of leaves!  i'm really enjoying it so far but yeah it's just really hard to get through and it is a pretty thick book so it might take me quite awhile too.

tyt for saying i am green.

wow yeah how did christmas get here so quickly!?!?!?!  i still need to order presents for people too... D:

that dinner you made from seth's cook book looks pretty nice!

oh in case you're wondering why we're in louisville, cm is taking a trumpet lesson from a professor at the university of louisville and my mom, dad, and cm and i all decided to come down and right now we are staying at debra and tony's house.  it's really nice to see them again since its been quite awhile!

blehh cm wants me to burn all these cds from uncle tony and aunt debra's house for him...i tried to tell him i can just download them when i get home way easier but i don't think he understood.

ahhh right now i feel so distracted by way too many things on this computer.  i wish i could stop being distracted by things and just enjoy doing one single thing.  here is a list of all the things i'm trying to multi-task:

-writing this post
-burning cds for cm
-doing the google doodle crossword puzzle
-checking facebook
-making final decisions on what to get for people for xmas

here is a picture of uncle tony and aunt debra's beautiful christmas tree!  maybe if i remember, i'll take another picture of it tomorrow morning with the christmas lights hanging on it turned on but right now they are turned off because uncle tony unplugged them because i'm going to sleep soon.

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