Sunday, December 15, 2013

chicken hurts

heyyyyyyy gs

bleh i dont want to post

jk i do but its so much work to type up it

nice list gob. have you done all those things yet? i hope so

aw g we cant gc until i have a computer so who knows when

tyt about my pic and my dinner!

aw bub that looks like a cool music festival even tho ive only heard of like one band thats gonna be there. well i hope ya get to go

para why were mollys parents in your room

and WHY did you eat a blizzard are you dum

ok well i really wanna kno what time you will be home. alright the deal is thor is playing on thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but theres a showin at 7:15 and mom will go to that but then theres a later one that she dont wanna go to but we could still go. or we could go on fri night but they dont have the sched for that so who knows and we are goin shop that day but its whatev

aw g i can quickie give you some of tgiving jamz idk hm lets see:

bitter rivals - sleigh bells
who are you really? - mikky ekko
dont wake me up - lianne la havas
make me, break me - vanbot
to hell with you - sleigh bells
home - the minor leagues
vengeance - zack hemsey
paul newman vs. the demon - the avett brothers
black and blue - ingrid michaelson
fire fire - flyleaf
i broke up - xiu xiu
the lion the beast the beat - grace potter and the nocturnals

ok i hope that helps!!!!!!!!!

oh yeah and i forgot to say that even all my playlists are saved thats pretty great

ok i ll just tell noah that comics are important and worth downloading a thing for

sike i dont wanna finish xtreme xmas trees

ok i didnt kno where i wanted to start readin spiderman and i still dont kno

well you just made it sound like you were sayin you wanted to be here cuz of the sno ok. alri ght i can se  how that would be bad wakinf up from. actually last night i had a dream that we went xmas shoppin but it wasnt that great a dream and i had nothin going on today so i had no cares to give. ok g you will be home for christmas out of your dreams tho

nah g we can def go to all of those!!! its just that its not that convienent cuz the maplewood mall is far from those so maybe they will be on dif days. ok well i really wanna go to world market cuz i was there a few weekks ago and they had such great stocking stuff. well they closed for a time but then weirdly opened back up a few months ago so that could be why you havent been there in a while

wait i didnt think that would actually be the guy you want to unfriend but im pleased to hear it

wow theres so much stuff im not responding to but idc rn

wow thats a really hurtful thing to say about my drawing. jk

that xmas tree was in the building where i went to the doctor. a doctor decorated that tree i guess

cool trailer. cool thoughts on it

nice vid you showed us

nice studf for the game

ok i really blew it w this post sorry. nnext time i have to post is on a day when i have to work so that might actually be better cuz maynlbe i can write it at work when i hav alright i dont remeber how this thought was supposed to end

well me and mom made rum balls today rum pum pum pum

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