Wednesday, December 4, 2013

the goat and the spider!

Hey bubs!!!!

I'm going to start calling everyone bub from now on, is that cool with you bubs?

Hey bub nice job posting two posties yesterday we are trying to beat our December record of 20 posts we have to beat those 2010 bubs

Haha icqcml a little bc it was like for all of November we were p much just this blog that talked about Tgiving all the time.  Is that normal even haha.  And now Tgiving is over and we're just like ....what. Haha but icqcme for xmas!!!!! Just two little weeks from tomorrow is when I will be coming home!!!!

Yeah we should try to have cousin camp lets have cousin camp at sdcc who's with me

Um us bubs watched TASM the last night actually.  Though I was probably the only one who watched the whole thing bc Gob and CM kept snoozin and Noah took a shower in the middle of it.

AWWWWWWWW YEAHHHHHHHH icqcme to watch TASM with my bub!!!!  One because I love that darn movie and I love watching it and two because I really want you to see it I think you will like it!!!!!

Wow why are both you bubs starting with Avengers?  Are you trying to follow in my footsteps of reading Avengers comics first haha.  Well is seeing Spider-Man be a lil cutie in those comics making you want to read Spider-Man comics?  Wow I like that spread (it's actually two pages) but if I was going to post just one thing from that comic it would not be that especially bc in some other issues there are way better times when a bunch of Avengers respond to something like that.  Also just because there are some really funny moments in that comic idk.

Wow also it's crazy to me that you are right now reading comics that have John Romita Jr.'s more recent art and you are saying it has a good look to it bc right now I'm reading comics that have Romita Jr.'s early art and it hurts my eyes!!!!  I hate it so much!!!!  His later stuff like in that comic is way better and it does have a very distinctive look to it like I can usually identify it right away but it's not my favorite hm

It depends who Deadpool's friend was bc I would not really want to be in car with Deadpool that sounds dangerous. It would have to be someone very responsible who was driving to make sure Deadpool didn't kill us.  But not Spider-Man because he can't drive!!! So I don't know who it could be! Maybe Hawkeye.

Nah I didn't eat my sandwich in the car I felt too nauseated.  I waited until I got back to my dorm and then I took a shower and then I felt better so I ate my sandwich.

Aw bub everyone has seen Thor 2 but me I am a failure to Thor :(

Apparently there was such a thing as "Taboo refill" but they don't sell it anymore or something bum bum bum

Okay well you don't know every shirt that I wear probably

Yqw for the comics suggestions! Yeah we could watch EMH over my break if you want.  I was thinking I might want to watch Sleepy Hollow maybe but there's not that many episodes of that so maybe we could watch both of those shows and then it'd be one I haven't seen and one you haven't seen idk.

Yeah haha well it's like I said the better the jam is the more sure you are that other people will know of it bc it's so great.  Okay but now I am really tempted to look up that other cat song........

Aw bub but I'm really curious about what that particular dessert was.

Oh okay well then you better get started reading some Spider-Man comics...... Though reading the ones I gave you will not help you that much..... Well it will help you a little but reading Spider-Man Lover Mary Jane and Puny Parker will not tell you a lot about 616 PeterMJ and MJ isn't in any of the ASM comics I gave you.  Awww bub

Blehhh yucky Loki yucky math

Aw bub are you ever gonna make that vid

Tyt about the photos of myself

Tyt about my drawings!!!  Yeah my response to people being wrong is to draw things or write about it on our blog where they will never see it.

Like when Comp Man was saying Tobey Maguire looks more like Peter Parker than Andrew Garfield...... Wow what does he even know?????  He has never even read the comics he's stupid!!!!

Look at this frickin comparison which I did not make
Look at this!!!!
Just look pls

Okay granted some of those were drawn after Andrew Garfield was cast so might be drawn based on Andrew Garfield but that just shows that for one he looks enough like Spider-Man has before that these artists decide to draw him like that in the same continuity as all the Spider-Man that has come before. And two that he looks so Spider-Man-like that artists just want to draw Spider-Man lookin like him.

But also like this cartoon was supposedly supposed to take place after the first Spider-Man movie starring Tobey Maguire but does this look like Tobey Maguire to you???
 Because to me it looks like Andrew Garfield.  In fact I have never seen a comic or a cartoon where an artist based Spidey's likeness on Tobey Maguire so what does that tell you????

Comp Man is dumb thank you and goodnight

And these are only pics of his face I'm not even going to go into how Tobey Maguire has the completely wrong build to play Spider-Man.  And Andrew Garfield is.  Well he's too tall but other than that he is very good.

Wow so the rest of the community center is open but there's not snacks??? What's even the point of going to the community center then???

Okay I will try to answer your philo qs.

why isnt steve bein captain america
I believe it was because Steve died and Bucky became Captain America but then Steve was not dead anymore but he just let Bucky keep being Captain America or something

why is iron man's words in red-ish
His voice is filtered through his suit because you wouldn't be able to hear him otherwise.  I'm guessing his voice sounds somewhat robotizied if you know what I mean so the red font and the box-like bubbles let you now that.

whats all these words at the end of every issue? am i supposed to be readin them cuz i dont wanna
Nah that's something else idk I didn't read them it's not part of the comic

why is oldy hulk like this regular guy but the hulk
Well you don't really know everything about that timeline but I believe it is like Bruce Banner mind but still the Hulk.  That happens some other times too like in Secret Wars that's also going on.

I hope your questions were adequately answered!!!!

 Aw bub well I still want your fanmix.  Pls tell me that I don't need to make a fanmix about this book I'm reading for American lit just bc this one song reminds me of this one character.  That would be really stupid of me

Aw bub well Peter is right to be scared of goblins bc goblins will be very meanie to him in the future!!!!

Wow Gob how can you have liked watching TASM better then when you were snoozin so much???  Well that is good I guess.

Wow the TASM 2 trailer comes out tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ICQCME!!!!! I wonder if it will come out at midnight or in the early hours of the day sometime if it is going to I would want to stay up to watch it but idk when it will!!!!!

Oh I almost forgot that there are these lil teaser trailer things and they're really cool but they're just making me so excited for the trailer!!!!!! Haha well I guess that's the point.  OKay well just watch them tho

The first one really reminds me of the TASM video game bc like I always jump off of really tall buildings in that game and then fall like that haha

Also I really like how you can see the wrinklies in his suit like the wind going in it you know

Also that third one bc darn I love that mask so much I want to smooch it

Okay times for the gamesSSSSSSS

Here's a pic of this very snowy day that was today

Here's a pic of me eating meatballs!!! I figured out how to do the timer thing good job me!!!

Here's my new art of Spider-Man book that I got for Hanukhah!

Okay well I haven't read any comics today it's been a very busy day but here's a few panels from a comic I read yesterday
I just really like when Peter really needs MJ's help and MJ is like wow where would you be without me you're so worthless but then she helps him anyway.

Boop PeterMJ everyone

Have a nice day!

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