Saturday, December 21, 2013

looking for chickens

heyyyyyy gs

ok this is hob even tho im on paras account. and computer.

ok gob i said that we're gonna do favs/unfavs of 2013 in january!!!!! tho we did not hear your opinion on what you wanna do for posting on the blog next year....

yqw for clearing up what rum balls are!

yqw for all those things

wow g what the heck you better order those presents...............i hope you have done that by now

tyt about my dinner!!

tyt for telling us why you are in louisville!! aw g i wish we could see debra and tony one time cuz we havent seen them in years

why cant cm just burn those cds himself or download them himself

aw g i dont see how you could be distracted by all those things when you were doing something as exciting as posting on thegoblog!!!!!

nice christmas tree pic

dang it you didnt answer my question of if you've seen thor 2

wow it feels weird and nice to type on a keyboard. i hope para doesnt think she will be getting her computer back haha

yeah para that was a p crazy day

ok well google play is something

what is a reason why you wanna unfriend that guy that i dont kno about?

yeah i guess we could switch up the order next year idk

i was having fettuccine alfredo bc we had it frozen and i wanted it

awwww yeeeeaa whens those smore bars

nice thor thoughts!! haha when we were watchin the movie i was laughing bc you were saying similar things to the things i had said in my thor thoughts!!!!!

ok i'll repsond to some of those

*ok i guess its not really like loki objectifying thor but it was still a good thing for him to have said idk
*yeah the flying the ship part was my fav brothies part!!!! they were so brothie
*aw g i never thought about jane and sif meeting in the first movie but now i wish we had had it
*yeah loki wasnt in it the most amount but it was still like at first he's hardly in it and you're like oh nice but then he's more in it some but then i guess he's out of it again idkkkkkk
*yeah icqcme for when thor's hair returns
*well now that i kno you didnt even kno about captain america i guess that def woulda spoiled you an amount


ok i wish it was christmas bc i want my prezzies

wow xmas shopping was pretty dang fun

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