Tuesday, December 24, 2013

silent chicken

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

happy christmas eve!!!!!!

bleh gob didnt post and paras post was not her best we cant have this!!!!! at least we beat our december record already

para we may get the stuff for smore bars next time we get stuff!!

ok g we almost made it to our xmas prezzies

wow icqcme to wrap prezzies

i wonder when i will

nice cookie pics. tho i was gonna post a pic of my petermj cookie. hello everyone i made that petermj cookie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice petermj page

ok p amazing movie last night. i have to say that i didnt care for it's music. my favorite part was how peter was really needing mj in his life even tho he didnt kno it. ok he did some p small things. the other peter in that other movie was so large. well i cant think of anything else to say cuz it  already been said. even most of this stuff has been said

wow dad was like we need some grandchildren to bring back the christmas spirit but ok i have lots of christmas spirit i love christmas so what even

wow this post needs to be way longer. this is not my fault cuz there was barely any stuff to respond to

heres para

im just putting my prezzies out right now. um why is there a marker on the table? haha thats it!!

ok thanks for nothing para

i need something more!!! i need it!!!!


there i said my stuff

well the best part of this thing will just have to be the pics

ok first one from shoppin the other day

now ones from today!

stockings hung by the chimney with care

noah playing whatever in his room



some ladies makin chocolate roll

a nice hot cup of salted caramel chai

the beautiful table i set no thanks to hawkeye


a christmas cat

the vegetarian gravy i made

sweet potots


time to eat!!

chocolate roll

i also have a comic pic!!! its thor and jane!!!!!

just WOW

ok i guess ya cant read what theyre sayin but it not important

wow u bubs met what the heck

wow small superheroes stuffing their faces. that is so beautiful

ok well thats it!! merry christmas to all and to all a good night!!!!

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