Wednesday, December 18, 2013

counting chickens

heyyyyyyyyyy gs

wow this cat REALLY wants me to pet her. too bad im blogging

gob i hope your wish comes tru!!! maybe you should wish for it upon a star just to make sure

rum balls are lil rum cookies

nice huge progress on house of leaves!!!! yea that book took me a while to get thru

ok para why were mollys par ents visitng her right before winter break that dont seem right

alright buddy that doesnt really sound like it will work to me? like it sounds like you will gonna be home right around the time of the movie......or even if its a lil before that still will not be very ideal. ok what the fuck it wont show me the movie times for friday even tho its two days away im gonna burn that theater to the ground. well we'll figure it out i guess. at least we have the option of going at like 9:45 tomorrow w out mom

wow tomorrow icqcme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even if we not going to movie that day

yqw for the jamz. i hope ya liked em

aw g just set up google play to get all your music on it

yea i guess at this point i might as well wait til you get home to get my comics doi. oh g that reminds me that idk if you're still planning on bringing all your comics but at the very least pls bring spider-man blue or w/e its called and that thor one. and i guess anything else you have that you think i might really wanna read?????

well i just remembered that xtreme xmas trees had that child abuse tree where they made children sing on a tree so i dont need that

ok well theres no way of knowing at this moment if i have mj in my comics and it completely doesnt matter anymore cuz by the time i get them you will be here to give me more if i want so.

ok we MIGHT be able to go to all those on the same day but if not we can go to some on sunday!! yea idk how long that place was closed but i understand exactly how you feel regarding being able to go there again cuz thats how we felt when i was out w mom one day and we noticed that it was open and she asked if i wanted to go in that place

is the fact that he slept on your bed for 3 hours the reason why you wanna unfriend him?

thats a really nice list g!!!!!!! i hope you will get to do all that!! especially the things that you wanna do w your g!!!! bleh one glug thing is next week im working like almost every day besides xmas eve and xmas but idc that much cuz at least ill be home for dinner if only in my dreams but still its kinda a bum. but im hoping that once noahs school starts i will work less awwwwww yeeeeeeeaaaa. bleh p much like i hate when noah doesnt have school bc its means i probably have to work. tho at least that means i dont have to see him a lot lol

wow thats crazy about your 130 cents

that thing to help you study what even. ok the only thing that helps me study is note cards. if its something that note cards wont work for then im screwed

haha that comic pic. poor lil spider man

bleh i wish i could post comic pix. i guess that will be possible soon maybe
 tho i might need to take a photo of the things but i'll do my best

well it occurred to me that we coulda done like favs/unfavs or top 5 or something things of 2013 for our game this month. actually we can jus do that next month so yea. tho what are we doin on thegoblog next year!!!!!!!???? personally im in favor of doing exactly the same as this year but i'd like to hear everyone else's opinion on this

wow im almost done w this post and it aint even lunch time

ok i keep wanting to read posts on our blog from last like december-february but i alreaydy have read them all a bunch of times recently. well ive read all of mine at least. and some others.

ok noah's a huge glug thats all im saying

i cant decide if i want a hotdog or fettuccine alfredo. i kno which one gob would say. and which one para would say. and which one spider-man would say

wait i almost forgot to say to para "are you gonna write your candy fic over your break?"

well i had hot dog

bl eh i have to go to work in a few hours. actually idc cuz wednesday night is like the slowest time so it wont be that bad and its like my favorite time to be there idek. and after that then a two day break!! tho what the heck am i gonna do tomorrow?? i wish para was getting here earlier but oh well

big kitty stretch

wow xmas is in one week what even

im just sayin things


para will you make smore bars some time

gob you are green

skater wanted my hot dog. did she kno its made of vegetable

whoa WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIT A SEC para i just looked at the movie times again cuz its later in the day now and apparently thor isnt playing on fri!!! well looks like we're going tomorrow!!! ok the movie is at 9:45. hm alright if you do get home like closer to 6 we could TRY to go to the early one. i'll talk to mom about it. ok but its literally so crazy that the day you get home is the last say its playing. this is blowin my mind. and like i just looked at the roseville theater and tomorrow is the last day there too like what the heck. i guess thor really wanted you to see his movie and like they were prob gonna take it out of the theater a time ago but he said no we have to stay it there until para can see it!!!!! and they said FINE we'll stay it until that very day she comes home but no later. well anyway

now i need to say something to gob. but what. well did you ever see thor 2? tomorrow might just be your last chance

haha i ended up having a hot dog for lunch and fettuccine for dinner

well well well heres a pic of the packages that arrived for me today

what could be inside? it is a mystery. jk i kno. wow one of those things is somethin that said it might not arrive until after xmas but it arrived an entire week before!!! tho i have another something that i dont know when will arrive but this one was more important kinda

heres a dinner i made the other night from the cookbook seth gave me! it is blackened tofu slabs w succotash salsa and brown coconut rice

alrighty thats all. SEE YOU TOMORROW PARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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