Saturday, December 7, 2013

rocked by...the goat!

Heyyyy gs!!!!!

Oh wait we're supposed to be bubs.  Well actually I don't like calling people bubs because it doesn't have the same double functionality as g like "what a big g" or "what a little g."  Like I guess you can call people big bubs or little bubs but it's not the same.  Tbh I just wanted to be like Wolverine and call people bubs but sadly that is not the path life chose for me.

Okay tbh I am shit at detecting bad CGI.  I guess bad CGI does not really bother me so I don't really notice it but okay I guess I kind of see what you mean in the trailer.... actually no I don't.  I don't see it.  It all looks fine.  BuT OKAY there is still five months obviously they are not done doing the CGI stuff it'll probably look better in the movie but if not who even the fuck cares not me

Yeah good music tho.  GOsh there is some really good music in TASM imo so icqcme to hear the music in TASM 2

Um I'll say more things about the trailer later in the post like when I get to responding to Gob's post and then I'll probs say some more things yeah

Wow I wanted to take a pic of these snowy trees that are outside my window today bc they look really nice but there is a darn screen in my window so when you try to take a pic it looks all messed up :(  I could got outside and take the pic but let's be real that's not gonna happen haha

Yeah this has been a p good year for our blog!!! Amazing!!!!  But yeah December is one of our least documented months so we need to rectify that still

Yeah but Tgiving it like the biggest holiday for our blog bc it is one of the only times when we all come together idk

Nice list of things we will do over the break!!! Sounds nice to me!!!!  That's v nice that going to the comic book store is on your list!!!!

Wow comic con and cousin camp have the same initials!!! I think that is a sign that we need to do it!!!

Okay mom can watch TASM with us too that's fine I guess.  The only thing is that I would prefer not to watch it during the day because there are a lot of dark scenes in the movie and it's quite hard to see if there'a  glare on the screen you know?

Yeah wow that small little Spider-Man just popping down and saying small things he is the smallest. Yeah haha tbh that is what I'm like about Tony/Steve like you don't really care like it doesn't really matter but also you're like wOW THEY LOVE EACH OTHER CAN THEY JUST also I feel like everyone else in the Avengers is shipping them a lot esp Spider-Man like I think he says something about it at one point in those comics but idk if you're there yet

Okay....well this is something I'm not really proud of but I sometimes judge artists on the basis of how good their Peter Parker looks...... Like I'm not saying that's the only criteria I use but that's definitely one of them. And okay in the comics I was reading Romita Jr. drew Peter's hair really weird and it looked gross.  But okay!!! That's not the only thing that looked bad p much everything looked bad like Smythe looked so disgusting I can't even look at the art without wanting to puke and it just wasn't good.
Okay here's an example of some PeterMJ drawn by Romita Jr. from the comics I was reading
Bleh okay yeah Peter's hair but also look at that last panel for example it looks horrible.
I mean Romita Jr.'s clearly trying to imitate the style of other artists but it just doesn't look at good imo.  I like Romita Jr.'s art way better when he develops his own unique style later on.  I mean look how cute
Wow I searched "Romita Jr. PeterMJ" and I found someone talking about how good Romita Jr's early art was to them but the example they used wasn't even drawn by Romita Jr it was from the issue after the page I posted was from which was drawn by Alex Saviuk.... ?????????

Yeahhhh the writer of the current Deadpool book posted on twitter that he believes Deadpool is omnisexual and would be ready and willing to do anything with a pulse so that's.....something???  Um now how about you actually have Deadpool actually say this in a comic book or even better why not have him be in a relationship with a man?  Also how about a pansexual character that isn't morally gray and hasn't ever been a villain???  Okay I mean this is a start but I'm just saying.

If someone confirmed Spider-Man was not straight too that would be great but I don't think that's going to happen any time soon.  Anyway I'm p sure Doc Ock is really straight so we need Peter to come back in order to have this really happen.

Bleh I got a bit spoiled for Thor 2 I'm so angry.  Idk it might be playing we will have to see but I would like that v much

Well I'm not wearing any of those shirts right now so what does that tell you???  Wow but I've only worn that Spider-Man shirt a couple of times actually so????

Haha I guess we have a lot of things to watch!!!! Well that's fine. Luckily we already watched xtreme xmas trees so we won't need to watch that again

Okay I won't look up that cat jam but I'm still really curious like a curious cat

Okay g I'm gonna solve all your PeterMJ problems for you.
Amazing Spider-Man #42 - Introduction of MJ
Amazing Spider-Man #136 - MJ and Peter start dating for real
Amazing Spider-Man #193 - MJ and Peter break up
Amazing Spider-Man #201 - MJ leaves
Amazing Spider-Man #242 - MJ returns
Amazing Spider-Man #290 - Peter proposes to MJ
Okay well that doesn't really solve all of your problems but maybe that will help you decide which of those you can skip???

Okay nice I'm glad you agree with me about the Tobey Andrew thing.  Um yeah the first pic I posted is from uuuuuum 1972.  And the last pic is from a cartoon from 2003.  So both of those are definitely before. The other ones I'm not really sure about okay apparently Andrew Garfield was cast in 2010 so I guess they're all from after that but I don't think they're all from after the movie actually came out but you know.  But those are just the examples I could find like I was looking for this one time where he looks sooo similar to Andrew Garfield but it's definitely from before Andrew was cast but alas I couldn't find it

Wow what's the point of going to the community center if there's no hot dogs tbh

Yqw for the philosophical answers

Noooo I'm not gonna make a fanmix about that book gosh.  YEah but same that's always me as well wow I have so many playlists in itunes that have like one song in them bc I was like yeah this song is perf let's make a fanmix!!!!

Tyt about my photos!  Awww man I want meatballs now I'm so hunger

Craaaaaaaaaaazy car story about the naked bros guy

Aw g well I wanted us to have a gc last night but Gob didn't show his darn face

Try to buy a new laptop for xmas

Idk what that movie you're talking about is so

Yeah I heard that about that Kevin guy too.  Tbh I didn't not see that coming but I guess I should have considering he lasted like one and half seasons or something and that can't be allowed for anyone who isn't a white guy

Nice panel oh yeah that is the sort of thing I am talking about like where everyone is shippin Tony/Steve.  Also that's really cute how everyone is all bundled up. Haha I like how some people have special matching things for their costumes and then you have like the Thing who just has earmuffs and Spider-Man who is really small with his hat and scarf.

Really cute PeterMJ panels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOw I love MJ she just goes for it. Also lil Peter wow wow they are both the smallest I hate them

G remember when you said I want Spider-Man for xmas well that reminded me of this really cute vid!!!!!

Help that's so cute!!!!! WHen he puts the bow on Spider-Man's head omgggg

Okayy.......I just took a shower and when I was in the shower I felt like I was gonna faint so I quickly tried to get out of the shower but it was getting worse and I couldn't do it so I had to lay down on the floor and then finally I felt a little better so I quickly got out of there and then I laid down in my bed for a little while and now I feel a little better but wow that was horrible. I have no idea what caused that usually when I feel like I'm going to faint it's p clear why but that just seemed so random.  Well at least that advice the nurse who gave me my flu shot game me that you can't faint if you're lying down came in handy.  I mean I guess it seems kind of obvious but

O kay I guess it could be because I haven't really eaten in like 28 hours but that's.......normal.............. Who will make me some ramen noodles bc I don't feel well enough to do it right now but thats all I have to eat??????

Well oh well I'll try to do it later anyway I don't feel hungry rn

Okay I'm gonna respond to what Gob said about the trailer.

Haha are we warning for trailer spoilers now well okay

spoilies spoilier spoilerrs

Yeah were you the one who wanted daytime action scenes icr.  Well I guess daytime action scenes are easier to see but I like nighttime action scenes toooooo well it don't really matter
Awwwwww yeahhhhh Electro
Um well I think Electro is going to be the main villain I don't think there will be too much about the Green Goblin or Rhino at least I hope not and that's what I'm kind of getting from what Marc Webb said.
Yeah!!! It's not armor though it's wings and robotic arms but yeah
Yeah I already said about the CGI so
Haha yeah that's probably just put in there for the trailer but I do follow the Daily Bugle on tumblr!

Someone should write a fic where Peter works for the Daily Bugle but all they let him do is work on the Daily Bugle tumblr bc for one his pictures are crap and look like he set the camera down and walked away and two because he's the youngest person who works there no one else understands how tumblr even works

I still haven't written that PeterMJ fic with the candy!!! Dangity heck!!!!

Yooooooo ramen noodles are gross

Okay well now I'm going to say my own dear thoughts about the trailer

*Okay omggggg the new suit looks sooooooo beautiful I love it!!!!!!!
*I wonder who's grave he's visiting???? Uncle Ben????? Captain Stacy????? His parents???????Gwen?????????????????
*Shippin Hary and Peter tbh
*Wow have they been watching him since he was a kid hmmmm I wonder if that means what I think it means idk
*I reaaaally like how Peter has his arm around Aunt May I hope Aunt May has a bigger role in this movie and I hope Peter gives her lots of love and affection and IIIIIII hope he calls her mom!!!!!!!!!!
*Um can Peter get over his dead father already like he has a dead mother too I mean does he not even care about her????
*Sinister Six.................
*Eels!  So it's like Spectacular Spider-Man awwwwww yeah "Eelectro" haha
*Wow Harry would be the kind of guy who says literally all the time
*There are a LOT of cop cars in this movie jeezy peezy
*Let's play how much will New York City get destroyed in this movie
*Hmmm the part with the plane crash could be a flashback to his parents death????
*Wow if the part where he shoots his web down in the place with all the spinning gears isn't Gwen's death......I'll eat my cat
*I have to tell you that MJ is in this trailer.  The part where the car falls on top of the other car and you can see the back of a lil red head that's MJ. Though she's still out of the movie they didn't manage to cut her entirely out of the trailer what does that tell you?  Bc idk what it tells me....
*Wow if Peter doesn't get electrocuted even once during this movie that will be v impressive
*Ntyt I don't want to live in a world without Spider-Man

Bleh is it May yet?

Haha this is what my friend Tom said about the trailer:
"oh man Rhino, Electro, awkward goth Osborn this movie will have everything"

Okay time for the game.

 Dang I didn't have the card in my camera when I took my piccies so they only saved to my camera and idk how to get them off of there. Oh well they weren't of anything v interesting.  I guess I'll just do the other part of the game.

Here's a couple of panels from a comic I read the other day.  It's a what-if issue where Spider-Man stays in Russia after he kills Wolverine's girlfriend and he ends up training as an assassin basically and he hones his spider-sense to be even better so like as you can see in his panel he actually tell the future. Actually I'm pretty sure in more recent comics of the actual continuity his spider-sense does get better but I haven't read that far yet so this was cool to see.  Also it's funny to me how he knows Wolverine's going to get shot but he's just like he'll be fine haha

Okay wow I read the issue of the PeterMJ wedding yesterday and there are so many things!!!! But I told Hob I wouldn't spoil her too much so I'm just gonna post a couple of panels okay

Everyone needs to appreciate that MJ had a naked guy jump out of a cake at her bachelorette party

Hahahah icqcml at this panel.  It's from the dream Peter has the night before his wedding omg.

Okay I guess that's all I'll post from that issue but I also read the honeymoon issue and omg PeterMJ skinny dipping um

Also!!!! V important because Msr. Watson.  Yes good they are Mrs. and Mr. Mary Jane Watson everyone needs to remember that

Okay see that didn't spoil you too much!!!!
I mean you had to see those v important things so

Gosh okay I'm running out of time but I so many pics that I have drawn that I just want to show you!!!!

Okay this started as wanting to draw PeterMJ in xmas sweaters and turned into this monstrosity that took 30295839205832 hours to draw. Um idk why Peter is wearing a sweater and a scarf over his suit maybe he is cold maybe it is disguising him who knows

Okay this I wanted to draw because Peter is a lil shorty by superhero standards and MJ is a supermodel so she should be tall right???  Supposedly Peter is two inches taller than MJ but cmon even so we all know MJ likes to wear really tall heels right???  
Okay after I watched the trailer I remembered that Gwen and Peter are cuties and I wanted to draw them but this is what happened when I tried.  Dangit MJ!!!!!!!!

Haha I like how all three of these pics have a really dif style wow

Okay have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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