Tuesday, December 31, 2013

the cats of baskerville

heyy gs sorry i forgot to post yesterday!!!!  hob you can go ahead and post today but i'm going to go ahead and do like para did and just post on what is the next day to make up for me not posting.

i'll probably start reading a bunch of comics soon para!  like i'll start for sure sometime over the rest of this winter break

awesome cookies!!! haha those are so cute!  they also look super yummy!

oh sorry hob i misunderstood what you said in your post.  yeah doing the same thing next year but maybe switching up the order sounds good to me.  also the best of/worst of 2013 game sounds good to me as well

oh sorry i missed your question asking if i have seen thor 2.  no i have not yet

haha nice pictures hob!!

haha yesterday i was playing magic the gathering with seth and cm and i had a deck full of goblins and also a card that let me get as many goblins as the number of goblins i had in play so by the end of the game i had 196 goblins!!!!!  but cm had this stupid card that only let me fight him with 2 goblins at a time so he won. :(

hmm what else is there to say in this post...

oops well now this post won't be on the day after i was supposed to post but the day after that.

okay well now this post is really late from when i meant to post it but i will go ahead and post it now actually so i don't forget any longer!

here is a picture of acorn squash stuffed with wild rice that we had for dinner one night!

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